Report selectors

List of selectors for report calculation.

The full list is only available for authorized users. To see all selectors, please log in to MyTracker.

Selector Selector Title
        dateHour ? Date hour
        date ? Date
        week ? Week
        month ? Month
        quarter ? Quarter
        year ? Year
        weekday ? Week day
        time ? Time
        hour ? Hour
        reportPeriod ? Report period
        datePeriod7day ? 7-day period
        datePeriod30day ? 30-day period
            idProject ? Project
            idProjectId ? Project ID
            idPlatform ? Platform
                appVersionFull ? App version
                appVersionMajor ? App major version
                appVersionMinor ? App minor version
                appVersionPatch ? App patch version
                trackerSdkVersionFull ? SDK version
                trackerSdkVersionMajor ? SDK major version
                trackerSdkVersionMinor ? SDK minor version
                trackerSdkVersionPatch ? SDK patch version
            idApp ? Application
            idAppStoreCleaned ? Install service
            idAppId ? Application ID
            idCampaign ? Campaign
            idCampaignId ? Campaign ID
            idAd ? Tracking link
            idAdId ? Tracking link ID
            idAdLinkId ? Click URL ID
            adEventType ? Attribution type
            idPartner ? Partner
            idPartnerId ? Partner ID
            idTrafficType ? Traffic type
            idCampaignOwner ? Campaign owner
            adType ? Campaign type
            idSub1 ? SubID 1
            idSub2 ? SubID 2
            idSub3 ? SubID 3
            idSub4 ? SubID 4
            idSub5 ? SubID 5
            idSubNetwork ? SubID Network
            idSubCampaign ? SubID Campaign
            idSubAdSet ? SubID Ad Set
            idSubCreative ? SubID Creative
            pageUrlFullAddress ? Full page URL
            pageUrlHost ? Host
            pageUrlPathLevel1 ? Page path level 1
            pageUrlPathLevel2 ? Page path level 2
            pageUrlPathLevel3 ? Page path level 3
            pageUrlPathLevel4 ? Page path level 4
            pageUrlPathLevel5 ? Page path level 5
            pageTitle ? Page title
            exitPageFullAddress ? Exit page
            referrerHost ? Referrer
            referrerUrlFullAddress ? Referrer URL
        idAccount ? Account
        idAccountId ? Account ID
        causeAttribution ? Cause attribution
        placement ? Placement
        adMediator ? Ad Mediator
        adUnit ? Ad Unit
        idProduct ? Product
        isVerified ? Verification
        idCurrency ? Currency
        idSubscriptionType ? Subscription type
        idRevenueType ? Revenue type
            idCountry ? Country name
            idCountryISOAlpha2 ? Country code (ISO alpha-2)
            idCountryISONumeric ? Country code (ISO numeric)
        idRegion ? Region
        idCity ? City
        idAgeInterval ? Age
        idGender ? Gender
        extendedSocdemEducation ? Higher education
        extendedSocdemEmployment ? Employment
        extendedSocdemFamilyStatus ? Family status
        extendedSocdemTvViewingGroups ? TV watching
        extendedSocdemChildrenUnder16 ? Parental status
        autogoalName ? Automatic event name
        eventName ? Event name
        customEventParamName ? Parameter name
        customEventParamValue ? Parameter value
            idMobileManufacturerBrand ? Manufacturer
            idMobileManufacturerBrandId ? Manufacturer (id)
            screenWidth ? Screen width
            screenHeight ? Screen height
            screenDiagonalInch ? Screen diagonal
            screen ? Screen resolution
                osVersionFull ? OS version
                osVersionMajor ? OS major version
                osVersionMinor ? OS minor version
                osVersionPatch ? OS patch version
            idOsFamily ? OS
            idOsTimezone ? OS timezone
            idOsLang ? OS language
            idMobileManufacturerDevice ? Model
            idMobileManufacturerDeviceId ? Model (id)
            idMobileTelecomBrand ? Mobile telecom brand
        idBrowserFamily ? Browser
        idConnectionType ? Connection type
        idOsDeviceType ? Device type
        bluetoothEnabled ? Bluetooth
        adTrackingEnabled ? AD tracking
        attStatus ? ATT Status
        rooted ? Root/Jailbreak Status
        skadNetworkConversionValue ? Conversion value
        skadNetworkVersion ? SKAN version
        skadNetworkRedownload ? SKAN conversion type
        skadNetworkSourceAppId ? SKAN source app
        skadNetworkFidelityType ? SKAN format
            countInstall ? Installs d
            countReinstall ? Re-installs d
            countReEngagement ? Re-engagements d
            countReAttribution ? Re-attributions d
            countAttribution ? Attributions d
            deviceCountRegistrations ? Registrations d
            deviceCountRegistrationsCA ? Registrations CA d
            deviceCountRegistrationsLT ? Registrations LT d
            deviceCountRegistrationsAT ? Registrations AT d
            deviceCountAuthorisations ? Authorisations d
            deviceCountAuthorisationsCA ? Authorisations CA d
            deviceCountAuthorisationsLT ? Authorisations LT d
            deviceCountAuthorisationsAT ? Authorisations AT d
            cr ? CR d
            crCA ? CR CA d
            arpu ? ARPU d
            arpuLT ? ARPU LT d
            arpuAT ? ARPU AT d
        countBillboardPlays ? Billboard impressions
        countViewSimple ? Impressions
        countClickSimple ? Clicks
        countClickPartner ? Clicks from Partner
        newDevices ? New devices d
        ctr ? CTR
            countLaunch ? Launches d
            countLaunchCA ? Launches CA d
            countLaunchLT ? Launches LT d
            countLaunchAT ? Launches AT d
                countSession ? Sessions d
                countSessionCA ? Sessions CA d
                countSessionLT ? Sessions LT d
                countSessionAT ? Sessions AT d
                countSessionBroken ? Broken sessions d
                countSessionBrokenCA ? Broken sessions CA d
                countSessionBrokenLT ? Broken sessions LT d
                countSessionBrokenAT ? Broken sessions AT d
                uniqSession ? Unique sessions d
                uniqSessionCA ? Unique sessions CA d
                uniqSessionLT ? Unique sessions LT d
                uniqSessionAT ? Unique sessions AT d
                avgSession ? Avg. session dur., sec. d
                avgSessionCA ? Avg. session dur., sec. CA d
                avgSessionLT ? Avg. session dur., sec. LT d
                avgSessionAT ? Avg. session dur., sec. AT d
                medianSession ? Median session dur., sec. d
                medianSessionCA ? Median session dur., sec. CA d
                medianSessionLT ? Median session dur., sec. LT d
                medianSessionAT ? Median session dur., sec. AT d
                avgUniqSession ? Avg. unique session dur., sec. d
                avgUniqSessionCA ? Avg. unique session dur., sec. CA d
                avgUniqSessionLT ? Avg. unique session dur., sec. LT d
                avgUniqSessionAT ? Avg. unique session dur., sec. AT d
                medianUniqueSession ? Median unique session dur., sec. d
                medianUniqueSessionCA ? Median unique session dur., sec. CA d
                medianUniqueSessionLT ? Median unique session dur., sec. LT d
                medianUniqueSessionAT ? Median unique session dur., sec. AT d
            dBounce ? Bounces d
            dSessionPageDepth ? Page depth d
            countHit ? Pageviews d
            countHitLT ? Pageviews LT d
            dUniqHit ? Unique pageviews d
            dUniqHitLT ? Unique pageviews LT d
            dUniqHitAT ? Unique pageviews AT d
            countAppUpdateFlow ? App updates d
            countAppUpdateCA ? App updates CA d
            countAppUpdateLT ? App updates LT d
            countAppUpdateAT ? App updates AT d
            countLaunchDaysFlow ? Activity Days d
            countLaunchDaysCA ? Activity Days CA d
            countLaunchDaysLT ? Activity Days LT d
            countLaunchDaysAT ? Activity Days AT d
            uniqLaunch ? Active devices d
            uniqLaunchCA ? Active devices CA d
            uniqLaunchLT ? Active devices LT d
            uniqLaunchAT ? Active devices AT d
            dau ? DAU d
            dauCA ? DAU CA d
            wau ? WAU d
            wauCA ? WAU CA d
            dcWau ? WAU per week d
            dcWauCa ? WAU per week CA d
            dpWau ? WAU per 7 days d
            dpWauCa ? WAU per 7 days CA d
            mau ? MAU d
            mauCA ? MAU CA d
            dcMau ? MAU per month d
            dcMauCa ? MAU per month CA d
            dpMau ? MAU per 30 days d
            dpMauCa ? MAU per 30 days CA d
            dCountAutogoalFlow ? Automatic events d
            dCountAutogoalCa ? Automatic events CA d
            dCountAutogoalLt ? Automatic events LT d
            dCountAutogoalAt ? Automatic events AT d
            countCustomEventTotal ? Events d
            countCustomEventTotalCA ? Events CA d
            countCustomEventTotalLt ? Events LT d
            countCustomEventTotalAT ? Events AT d
            uniqEvent ? Unique events d
            uniqEventCA ? Unique events CA d
            uniqEventLT ? Unique events LT d
            uniqEventAT ? Unique events AT d
            uniqEventWithParams ? Unique events with parameters d
            uniqEventWithParamsCA ? Unique events with parameters CA d
            uniqEventWithParamsLT ? Unique events with parameters LT d
            uniqEventWithParamsAT ? Unique events with parameters AT d
                retHour1 ? RET 1h d
                retHour2 ? RET 2h d
                retHour3 ? RET 3h d
                retHour4 ? RET 4h d
                retHour5 ? RET 5h d
                retHour6 ? RET 6h d
                retHour7 ? RET 7h d
                retHour8 ? RET 8h d
                retHour9 ? RET 9h d
                retHour10 ? RET 10h d
                retHour11 ? RET 11h d
                retHour12 ? RET 12h d
                retHour13 ? RET 13h d
                retHour14 ? RET 14h d
                retHour15 ? RET 15h d
                retHour16 ? RET 16h d
                retHour17 ? RET 17h d
                retHour18 ? RET 18h d
                retHour19 ? RET 19h d
                retHour20 ? RET 20h d
                retHour21 ? RET 21h d
                retHour22 ? RET 22h d
                retHour23 ? RET 23h d
                retHour24 ? RET 24h d
                retHour25 ? RET 25h d
                retHour26 ? RET 26h d
                retHour27 ? RET 27h d
                retHour28 ? RET 28h d
                retHour29 ? RET 29h d
                retHour30 ? RET 30h d
                retHour31 ? RET 31h d
                retHour32 ? RET 32h d
                retHour33 ? RET 33h d
                retHour34 ? RET 34h d
                retHour35 ? RET 35h d
                retHour36 ? RET 36h d
                retHour37 ? RET 37h d
                retHour38 ? RET 38h d
                retHour39 ? RET 39h d
                retHour40 ? RET 40h d
                retHour41 ? RET 41h d
                retHour42 ? RET 42h d
                retHour43 ? RET 43h d
                retHour44 ? RET 44h d
                retHour45 ? RET 45h d
                retHour46 ? RET 46h d
                retHour47 ? RET 47h d
                retHour48 ? RET 48h d
                retDay1 ? RET 1d d
                retDay2 ? RET 2d d
                retDay3 ? RET 3d d
                retDay4 ? RET 4d d
                retDay5 ? RET 5d d
                retDay6 ? RET 6d d
                retDay7 ? RET 7d d
                retDay8 ? RET 8d d
                retDay9 ? RET 9d d
                retDay10 ? RET 10d d
                retDay11 ? RET 11d d
                retDay12 ? RET 12d d
                retDay13 ? RET 13d d
                retDay14 ? RET 14d d
                retDay15 ? RET 15d d
                retDay16 ? RET 16d d
                retDay17 ? RET 17d d
                retDay18 ? RET 18d d
                retDay19 ? RET 19d d
                retDay20 ? RET 20d d
                retDay21 ? RET 21d d
                retDay22 ? RET 22d d
                retDay23 ? RET 23d d
                retDay24 ? RET 24d d
                retDay25 ? RET 25d d
                retDay26 ? RET 26d d
                retDay27 ? RET 27d d
                retDay28 ? RET 28d d
                retDay29 ? RET 29d d
                retDay30 ? RET 30d d
                retWeek1 ? RET 1w d
                retWeek2 ? RET 2w d
                retWeek3 ? RET 3w d
                retWeek4 ? RET 4w d
                retWeek5 ? RET 5w d
                retWeek6 ? RET 6w d
                retWeek7 ? RET 7w d
                retWeek8 ? RET 8w d
                retWeek9 ? RET 9w d
                retWeek10 ? RET 10w d
                retWeek11 ? RET 11w d
                retWeek12 ? RET 12w d
                retWeek13 ? RET 13w d
                retWeek14 ? RET 14w d
                retWeek15 ? RET 15w d
                retWeek16 ? RET 16w d
                retWeek17 ? RET 17w d
                retWeek18 ? RET 18w d
                retWeek19 ? RET 19w d
                retWeek20 ? RET 20w d
                retWeek21 ? RET 21w d
                retWeek22 ? RET 22w d
                retWeek23 ? RET 23w d
                retWeek24 ? RET 24w d
                retWeek25 ? RET 25w d
                retWeek26 ? RET 26w d
                retMonth1 ? RET 1m d
                retMonth2 ? RET 2m d
                retMonth3 ? RET 3m d
                retMonth4 ? RET 4m d
                retMonth5 ? RET 5m d
                retMonth6 ? RET 6m d
                retMonth7 ? RET 7m d
                retMonth8 ? RET 8m d
                retMonth9 ? RET 9m d
                retMonth10 ? RET 10m d
                retMonth11 ? RET 11m d
                retMonth12 ? RET 12m d
                retMonth13 ? RET 13m d
                retMonth14 ? RET 14m d
                retMonth15 ? RET 15m d
                retMonth16 ? RET 16m d
                retMonth17 ? RET 17m d
                retMonth18 ? RET 18m d
                retMonth19 ? RET 19m d
                retMonth20 ? RET 20m d
                retMonth21 ? RET 21m d
                retMonth22 ? RET 22m d
                retMonth23 ? RET 23m d
                retMonth24 ? RET 24m d
                retATHour1 ? RET AT 1h d
                retATHour2 ? RET AT 2h d
                retATHour3 ? RET AT 3h d
                retATHour4 ? RET AT 4h d
                retATHour5 ? RET AT 5h d
                retATHour6 ? RET AT 6h d
                retATHour7 ? RET AT 7h d
                retATHour8 ? RET AT 8h d
                retATHour9 ? RET AT 9h d
                retATHour10 ? RET AT 10h d
                retATHour11 ? RET AT 11h d
                retATHour12 ? RET AT 12h d
                retATHour13 ? RET AT 13h d
                retATHour14 ? RET AT 14h d
                retATHour15 ? RET AT 15h d
                retATHour16 ? RET AT 16h d
                retATHour17 ? RET AT 17h d
                retATHour18 ? RET AT 18h d
                retATHour19 ? RET AT 19h d
                retATHour20 ? RET AT 20h d
                retATHour21 ? RET AT 21h d
                retATHour22 ? RET AT 22h d
                retATHour23 ? RET AT 23h d
                retATHour24 ? RET AT 24h d
                retATHour25 ? RET AT 25h d
                retATHour26 ? RET AT 26h d
                retATHour27 ? RET AT 27h d
                retATHour28 ? RET AT 28h d
                retATHour29 ? RET AT 29h d
                retATHour30 ? RET AT 30h d
                retATHour31 ? RET AT 31h d
                retATHour32 ? RET AT 32h d
                retATHour33 ? RET AT 33h d
                retATHour34 ? RET AT 34h d
                retATHour35 ? RET AT 35h d
                retATHour36 ? RET AT 36h d
                retATHour37 ? RET AT 37h d
                retATHour38 ? RET AT 38h d
                retATHour39 ? RET AT 39h d
                retATHour40 ? RET AT 40h d
                retATHour41 ? RET AT 41h d
                retATHour42 ? RET AT 42h d
                retATHour43 ? RET AT 43h d
                retATHour44 ? RET AT 44h d
                retATHour45 ? RET AT 45h d
                retATHour46 ? RET AT 46h d
                retATHour47 ? RET AT 47h d
                retATHour48 ? RET AT 48h d
                retATDay1 ? RET AT 1d d
                retATDay2 ? RET AT 2d d
                retATDay3 ? RET AT 3d d
                retATDay4 ? RET AT 4d d
                retATDay5 ? RET AT 5d d
                retATDay6 ? RET AT 6d d
                retATDay7 ? RET AT 7d d
                retATDay8 ? RET AT 8d d
                retATDay9 ? RET AT 9d d
                retATDay10 ? RET AT 10d d
                retATDay11 ? RET AT 11d d
                retATDay12 ? RET AT 12d d
                retATDay13 ? RET AT 13d d
                retATDay14 ? RET AT 14d d
                retATDay15 ? RET AT 15d d
                retATDay16 ? RET AT 16d d
                retATDay17 ? RET AT 17d d
                retATDay18 ? RET AT 18d d
                retATDay19 ? RET AT 19d d
                retATDay20 ? RET AT 20d d
                retATDay21 ? RET AT 21d d
                retATDay22 ? RET AT 22d d
                retATDay23 ? RET AT 23d d
                retATDay24 ? RET AT 24d d
                retATDay25 ? RET AT 25d d
                retATDay26 ? RET AT 26d d
                retATDay27 ? RET AT 27d d
                retATDay28 ? RET AT 28d d
                retATDay29 ? RET AT 29d d
                retATDay30 ? RET AT 30d d
                retATWeek1 ? RET AT 1w d
                retATWeek2 ? RET AT 2w d
                retATWeek3 ? RET AT 3w d
                retATWeek4 ? RET AT 4w d
                retATWeek5 ? RET AT 5w d
                retATWeek6 ? RET AT 6w d
                retATWeek7 ? RET AT 7w d
                retATWeek8 ? RET AT 8w d
                retATWeek9 ? RET AT 9w d
                retATWeek10 ? RET AT 10w d
                retATWeek11 ? RET AT 11w d
                retATWeek12 ? RET AT 12w d
                retATWeek13 ? RET AT 13w d
                retATWeek14 ? RET AT 14w d
                retATWeek15 ? RET AT 15w d
                retATWeek16 ? RET AT 16w d
                retATWeek17 ? RET AT 17w d
                retATWeek18 ? RET AT 18w d
                retATWeek19 ? RET AT 19w d
                retATWeek20 ? RET AT 20w d
                retATWeek21 ? RET AT 21w d
                retATWeek22 ? RET AT 22w d
                retATWeek23 ? RET AT 23w d
                retATWeek24 ? RET AT 24w d
                retATWeek25 ? RET AT 25w d
                retATWeek26 ? RET AT 26w d
                retATMonth1 ? RET AT 1m d
                retATMonth2 ? RET AT 2m d
                retATMonth3 ? RET AT 3m d
                retATMonth4 ? RET AT 4m d
                retATMonth5 ? RET AT 5m d
                retATMonth6 ? RET AT 6m d
                retATMonth7 ? RET AT 7m d
                retATMonth8 ? RET AT 8m d
                retATMonth9 ? RET AT 9m d
                retATMonth10 ? RET AT 10m d
                retATMonth11 ? RET AT 11m d
                retATMonth12 ? RET AT 12m d
                retATMonth13 ? RET AT 13m d
                retATMonth14 ? RET AT 14m d
                retATMonth15 ? RET AT 15m d
                retATMonth16 ? RET AT 16m d
                retATMonth17 ? RET AT 17m d
                retATMonth18 ? RET AT 18m d
                retATMonth19 ? RET AT 19m d
                retATMonth20 ? RET AT 20m d
                retATMonth21 ? RET AT 21m d
                retATMonth22 ? RET AT 22m d
                retATMonth23 ? RET AT 23m d
                retATMonth24 ? RET AT 24m d
                rollRetMinute1 ? RR 1mins d
                rollRetMinute2 ? RR 2mins d
                rollRetMinute3 ? RR 3mins d
                rollRetMinute4 ? RR 4mins d
                rollRetMinute5 ? RR 5mins d
                rollRetMinute6 ? RR 6mins d
                rollRetMinute7 ? RR 7mins d
                rollRetMinute8 ? RR 8mins d
                rollRetMinute9 ? RR 9mins d
                rollRetMinute10 ? RR 10mins d
                rollRetMinute11 ? RR 11mins d
                rollRetMinute12 ? RR 12mins d
                rollRetMinute13 ? RR 13mins d
                rollRetMinute14 ? RR 14mins d
                rollRetMinute15 ? RR 15mins d
                rollRetMinute16 ? RR 16mins d
                rollRetMinute17 ? RR 17mins d
                rollRetMinute18 ? RR 18mins d
                rollRetMinute19 ? RR 19mins d
                rollRetMinute20 ? RR 20mins d
                rollRetMinute21 ? RR 21mins d
                rollRetMinute22 ? RR 22mins d
                rollRetMinute23 ? RR 23mins d
                rollRetMinute24 ? RR 24mins d
                rollRetMinute25 ? RR 25mins d
                rollRetMinute26 ? RR 26mins d
                rollRetMinute27 ? RR 27mins d
                rollRetMinute28 ? RR 28mins d
                rollRetMinute29 ? RR 29mins d
                rollRetMinute30 ? RR 30mins d
                rollRetMinute31 ? RR 31mins d
                rollRetMinute32 ? RR 32mins d
                rollRetMinute33 ? RR 33mins d
                rollRetMinute34 ? RR 34mins d
                rollRetMinute35 ? RR 35mins d
                rollRetMinute36 ? RR 36mins d
                rollRetMinute37 ? RR 37mins d
                rollRetMinute38 ? RR 38mins d
                rollRetMinute39 ? RR 39mins d
                rollRetMinute40 ? RR 40mins d
                rollRetMinute41 ? RR 41mins d
                rollRetMinute42 ? RR 42mins d
                rollRetMinute43 ? RR 43mins d
                rollRetMinute44 ? RR 44mins d
                rollRetMinute45 ? RR 45mins d
                rollRetMinute46 ? RR 46mins d
                rollRetMinute47 ? RR 47mins d
                rollRetMinute48 ? RR 48mins d
                rollRetMinute49 ? RR 49mins d
                rollRetMinute50 ? RR 50mins d
                rollRetMinute51 ? RR 51mins d
                rollRetMinute52 ? RR 52mins d
                rollRetMinute53 ? RR 53mins d
                rollRetMinute54 ? RR 54mins d
                rollRetMinute55 ? RR 55mins d
                rollRetMinute56 ? RR 56mins d
                rollRetMinute57 ? RR 57mins d
                rollRetMinute58 ? RR 58mins d
                rollRetMinute59 ? RR 59mins d
                rollRetMinute60 ? RR 60mins d
                rollRetHour1 ? RR 1h d
                rollRetHour2 ? RR 2h d
                rollRetHour3 ? RR 3h d
                rollRetHour4 ? RR 4h d
                rollRetHour5 ? RR 5h d
                rollRetHour6 ? RR 6h d
                rollRetHour7 ? RR 7h d
                rollRetHour8 ? RR 8h d
                rollRetHour9 ? RR 9h d
                rollRetHour10 ? RR 10h d
                rollRetHour11 ? RR 11h d
                rollRetHour12 ? RR 12h d
                rollRetHour13 ? RR 13h d
                rollRetHour14 ? RR 14h d
                rollRetHour15 ? RR 15h d
                rollRetHour16 ? RR 16h d
                rollRetHour17 ? RR 17h d
                rollRetHour18 ? RR 18h d
                rollRetHour19 ? RR 19h d
                rollRetHour20 ? RR 20h d
                rollRetHour21 ? RR 21h d
                rollRetHour22 ? RR 22h d
                rollRetHour23 ? RR 23h d
                rollRetHour24 ? RR 24h d
                rollRetHour25 ? RR 25h d
                rollRetHour26 ? RR 26h d
                rollRetHour27 ? RR 27h d
                rollRetHour28 ? RR 28h d
                rollRetHour29 ? RR 29h d
                rollRetHour30 ? RR 30h d
                rollRetHour31 ? RR 31h d
                rollRetHour32 ? RR 32h d
                rollRetHour33 ? RR 33h d
                rollRetHour34 ? RR 34h d
                rollRetHour35 ? RR 35h d
                rollRetHour36 ? RR 36h d
                rollRetHour37 ? RR 37h d
                rollRetHour38 ? RR 38h d
                rollRetHour39 ? RR 39h d
                rollRetHour40 ? RR 40h d
                rollRetHour41 ? RR 41h d
                rollRetHour42 ? RR 42h d
                rollRetHour43 ? RR 43h d
                rollRetHour44 ? RR 44h d
                rollRetHour45 ? RR 45h d
                rollRetHour46 ? RR 46h d
                rollRetHour47 ? RR 47h d
                rollRetHour48 ? RR 48h d
                rollRetDay1 ? RR 1d d
                rollRetDay2 ? RR 2d d
                rollRetDay3 ? RR 3d d
                rollRetDay4 ? RR 4d d
                rollRetDay5 ? RR 5d d
                rollRetDay6 ? RR 6d d
                rollRetDay7 ? RR 7d d
                rollRetDay8 ? RR 8d d
                rollRetDay9 ? RR 9d d
                rollRetDay10 ? RR 10d d
                rollRetDay11 ? RR 11d d
                rollRetDay12 ? RR 12d d
                rollRetDay13 ? RR 13d d
                rollRetDay14 ? RR 14d d
                rollRetDay15 ? RR 15d d
                rollRetDay16 ? RR 16d d
                rollRetDay17 ? RR 17d d
                rollRetDay18 ? RR 18d d
                rollRetDay19 ? RR 19d d
                rollRetDay20 ? RR 20d d
                rollRetDay21 ? RR 21d d
                rollRetDay22 ? RR 22d d
                rollRetDay23 ? RR 23d d
                rollRetDay24 ? RR 24d d
                rollRetDay25 ? RR 25d d
                rollRetDay26 ? RR 26d d
                rollRetDay27 ? RR 27d d
                rollRetDay28 ? RR 28d d
                rollRetDay29 ? RR 29d d
                rollRetDay30 ? RR 30d d
                rollRetWeek1 ? RR 1w d
                rollRetWeek2 ? RR 2w d
                rollRetWeek3 ? RR 3w d
                rollRetWeek4 ? RR 4w d
                rollRetWeek5 ? RR 5w d
                rollRetWeek6 ? RR 6w d
                rollRetWeek7 ? RR 7w d
                rollRetWeek8 ? RR 8w d
                rollRetWeek9 ? RR 9w d
                rollRetWeek10 ? RR 10w d
                rollRetWeek11 ? RR 11w d
                rollRetWeek12 ? RR 12w d
                rollRetWeek13 ? RR 13w d
                rollRetWeek14 ? RR 14w d
                rollRetWeek15 ? RR 15w d
                rollRetWeek16 ? RR 16w d
                rollRetWeek17 ? RR 17w d
                rollRetWeek18 ? RR 18w d
                rollRetWeek19 ? RR 19w d
                rollRetWeek20 ? RR 20w d
                rollRetWeek21 ? RR 21w d
                rollRetWeek22 ? RR 22w d
                rollRetWeek23 ? RR 23w d
                rollRetWeek24 ? RR 24w d
                rollRetWeek25 ? RR 25w d
                rollRetWeek26 ? RR 26w d
                rollRetMonth1 ? RR 1m d
                rollRetMonth2 ? RR 2m d
                rollRetMonth3 ? RR 3m d
                rollRetMonth4 ? RR 4m d
                rollRetMonth5 ? RR 5m d
                rollRetMonth6 ? RR 6m d
                rollRetMonth7 ? RR 7m d
                rollRetMonth8 ? RR 8m d
                rollRetMonth9 ? RR 9m d
                rollRetMonth10 ? RR 10m d
                rollRetMonth11 ? RR 11m d
                rollRetMonth12 ? RR 12m d
                rollRetMonth13 ? RR 13m d
                rollRetMonth14 ? RR 14m d
                rollRetMonth15 ? RR 15m d
                rollRetMonth16 ? RR 16m d
                rollRetMonth17 ? RR 17m d
                rollRetMonth18 ? RR 18m d
                rollRetMonth19 ? RR 19m d
                rollRetMonth20 ? RR 20m d
                rollRetMonth21 ? RR 21m d
                rollRetMonth22 ? RR 22m d
                rollRetMonth23 ? RR 23m d
                rollRetMonth24 ? RR 24m d
                rollRetATMinute1 ? RR AT 1mins d
                rollRetATMinute2 ? RR AT 2mins d
                rollRetATMinute3 ? RR AT 3mins d
                rollRetATMinute4 ? RR AT 4mins d
                rollRetATMinute5 ? RR AT 5mins d
                rollRetATMinute6 ? RR AT 6mins d
                rollRetATMinute7 ? RR AT 7mins d
                rollRetATMinute8 ? RR AT 8mins d
                rollRetATMinute9 ? RR AT 9mins d
                rollRetATMinute10 ? RR AT 10mins d
                rollRetATMinute11 ? RR AT 11mins d
                rollRetATMinute12 ? RR AT 12mins d
                rollRetATMinute13 ? RR AT 13mins d
                rollRetATMinute14 ? RR AT 14mins d
                rollRetATMinute15 ? RR AT 15mins d
                rollRetATMinute16 ? RR AT 16mins d
                rollRetATMinute17 ? RR AT 17mins d
                rollRetATMinute18 ? RR AT 18mins d
                rollRetATMinute19 ? RR AT 19mins d
                rollRetATMinute20 ? RR AT 20mins d
                rollRetATMinute21 ? RR AT 21mins d
                rollRetATMinute22 ? RR AT 22mins d
                rollRetATMinute23 ? RR AT 23mins d
                rollRetATMinute24 ? RR AT 24mins d
                rollRetATMinute25 ? RR AT 25mins d
                rollRetATMinute26 ? RR AT 26mins d
                rollRetATMinute27 ? RR AT 27mins d
                rollRetATMinute28 ? RR AT 28mins d
                rollRetATMinute29 ? RR AT 29mins d
                rollRetATMinute30 ? RR AT 30mins d
                rollRetATMinute31 ? RR AT 31mins d
                rollRetATMinute32 ? RR AT 32mins d
                rollRetATMinute33 ? RR AT 33mins d
                rollRetATMinute34 ? RR AT 34mins d
                rollRetATMinute35 ? RR AT 35mins d
                rollRetATMinute36 ? RR AT 36mins d
                rollRetATMinute37 ? RR AT 37mins d
                rollRetATMinute38 ? RR AT 38mins d
                rollRetATMinute39 ? RR AT 39mins d
                rollRetATMinute40 ? RR AT 40mins d
                rollRetATMinute41 ? RR AT 41mins d
                rollRetATMinute42 ? RR AT 42mins d
                rollRetATMinute43 ? RR AT 43mins d
                rollRetATMinute44 ? RR AT 44mins d
                rollRetATMinute45 ? RR AT 45mins d
                rollRetATMinute46 ? RR AT 46mins d
                rollRetATMinute47 ? RR AT 47mins d
                rollRetATMinute48 ? RR AT 48mins d
                rollRetATMinute49 ? RR AT 49mins d
                rollRetATMinute50 ? RR AT 50mins d
                rollRetATMinute51 ? RR AT 51mins d
                rollRetATMinute52 ? RR AT 52mins d
                rollRetATMinute53 ? RR AT 53mins d
                rollRetATMinute54 ? RR AT 54mins d
                rollRetATMinute55 ? RR AT 55mins d
                rollRetATMinute56 ? RR AT 56mins d
                rollRetATMinute57 ? RR AT 57mins d
                rollRetATMinute58 ? RR AT 58mins d
                rollRetATMinute59 ? RR AT 59mins d
                rollRetATMinute60 ? RR AT 60mins d
                rollRetATHour1 ? RR AT 1h d
                rollRetATHour2 ? RR AT 2h d
                rollRetATHour3 ? RR AT 3h d
                rollRetATHour4 ? RR AT 4h d
                rollRetATHour5 ? RR AT 5h d
                rollRetATHour6 ? RR AT 6h d
                rollRetATHour7 ? RR AT 7h d
                rollRetATHour8 ? RR AT 8h d
                rollRetATHour9 ? RR AT 9h d
                rollRetATHour10 ? RR AT 10h d
                rollRetATHour11 ? RR AT 11h d
                rollRetATHour12 ? RR AT 12h d
                rollRetATHour13 ? RR AT 13h d
                rollRetATHour14 ? RR AT 14h d
                rollRetATHour15 ? RR AT 15h d
                rollRetATHour16 ? RR AT 16h d
                rollRetATHour17 ? RR AT 17h d
                rollRetATHour18 ? RR AT 18h d
                rollRetATHour19 ? RR AT 19h d
                rollRetATHour20 ? RR AT 20h d
                rollRetATHour21 ? RR AT 21h d
                rollRetATHour22 ? RR AT 22h d
                rollRetATHour23 ? RR AT 23h d
                rollRetATHour24 ? RR AT 24h d
                rollRetATHour25 ? RR AT 25h d
                rollRetATHour26 ? RR AT 26h d
                rollRetATHour27 ? RR AT 27h d
                rollRetATHour28 ? RR AT 28h d
                rollRetATHour29 ? RR AT 29h d
                rollRetATHour30 ? RR AT 30h d
                rollRetATHour31 ? RR AT 31h d
                rollRetATHour32 ? RR AT 32h d
                rollRetATHour33 ? RR AT 33h d
                rollRetATHour34 ? RR AT 34h d
                rollRetATHour35 ? RR AT 35h d
                rollRetATHour36 ? RR AT 36h d
                rollRetATHour37 ? RR AT 37h d
                rollRetATHour38 ? RR AT 38h d
                rollRetATHour39 ? RR AT 39h d
                rollRetATHour40 ? RR AT 40h d
                rollRetATHour41 ? RR AT 41h d
                rollRetATHour42 ? RR AT 42h d
                rollRetATHour43 ? RR AT 43h d
                rollRetATHour44 ? RR AT 44h d
                rollRetATHour45 ? RR AT 45h d
                rollRetATHour46 ? RR AT 46h d
                rollRetATHour47 ? RR AT 47h d
                rollRetATHour48 ? RR AT 48h d
                rollRetATDay1 ? RR AT 1d d
                rollRetATDay2 ? RR AT 2d d
                rollRetATDay3 ? RR AT 3d d
                rollRetATDay4 ? RR AT 4d d
                rollRetATDay5 ? RR AT 5d d
                rollRetATDay6 ? RR AT 6d d
                rollRetATDay7 ? RR AT 7d d
                rollRetATDay8 ? RR AT 8d d
                rollRetATDay9 ? RR AT 9d d
                rollRetATDay10 ? RR AT 10d d
                rollRetATDay11 ? RR AT 11d d
                rollRetATDay12 ? RR AT 12d d
                rollRetATDay13 ? RR AT 13d d
                rollRetATDay14 ? RR AT 14d d
                rollRetATDay15 ? RR AT 15d d
                rollRetATDay16 ? RR AT 16d d
                rollRetATDay17 ? RR AT 17d d
                rollRetATDay18 ? RR AT 18d d
                rollRetATDay19 ? RR AT 19d d
                rollRetATDay20 ? RR AT 20d d
                rollRetATDay21 ? RR AT 21d d
                rollRetATDay22 ? RR AT 22d d
                rollRetATDay23 ? RR AT 23d d
                rollRetATDay24 ? RR AT 24d d
                rollRetATDay25 ? RR AT 25d d
                rollRetATDay26 ? RR AT 26d d
                rollRetATDay27 ? RR AT 27d d
                rollRetATDay28 ? RR AT 28d d
                rollRetATDay29 ? RR AT 29d d
                rollRetATDay30 ? RR AT 30d d
                rollRetATWeek1 ? RR AT 1w d
                rollRetATWeek2 ? RR AT 2w d
                rollRetATWeek3 ? RR AT 3w d
                rollRetATWeek4 ? RR AT 4w d
                rollRetATWeek5 ? RR AT 5w d
                rollRetATWeek6 ? RR AT 6w d
                rollRetATWeek7 ? RR AT 7w d
                rollRetATWeek8 ? RR AT 8w d
                rollRetATWeek9 ? RR AT 9w d
                rollRetATWeek10 ? RR AT 10w d
                rollRetATWeek11 ? RR AT 11w d
                rollRetATWeek12 ? RR AT 12w d
                rollRetATWeek13 ? RR AT 13w d
                rollRetATWeek14 ? RR AT 14w d
                rollRetATWeek15 ? RR AT 15w d
                rollRetATWeek16 ? RR AT 16w d
                rollRetATWeek17 ? RR AT 17w d
                rollRetATWeek18 ? RR AT 18w d
                rollRetATWeek19 ? RR AT 19w d
                rollRetATWeek20 ? RR AT 20w d
                rollRetATWeek21 ? RR AT 21w d
                rollRetATWeek22 ? RR AT 22w d
                rollRetATWeek23 ? RR AT 23w d
                rollRetATWeek24 ? RR AT 24w d
                rollRetATWeek25 ? RR AT 25w d
                rollRetATWeek26 ? RR AT 26w d
                rollRetATMonth1 ? RR AT 1m d
                rollRetATMonth2 ? RR AT 2m d
                rollRetATMonth3 ? RR AT 3m d
                rollRetATMonth4 ? RR AT 4m d
                rollRetATMonth5 ? RR AT 5m d
                rollRetATMonth6 ? RR AT 6m d
                rollRetATMonth7 ? RR AT 7m d
                rollRetATMonth8 ? RR AT 8m d
                rollRetATMonth9 ? RR AT 9m d
                rollRetATMonth10 ? RR AT 10m d
                rollRetATMonth11 ? RR AT 11m d
                rollRetATMonth12 ? RR AT 12m d
                rollRetATMonth13 ? RR AT 13m d
                rollRetATMonth14 ? RR AT 14m d
                rollRetATMonth15 ? RR AT 15m d
                rollRetATMonth16 ? RR AT 16m d
                rollRetATMonth17 ? RR AT 17m d
                rollRetATMonth18 ? RR AT 18m d
                rollRetATMonth19 ? RR AT 19m d
                rollRetATMonth20 ? RR AT 20m d
                rollRetATMonth21 ? RR AT 21m d
                rollRetATMonth22 ? RR AT 22m d
                rollRetATMonth23 ? RR AT 23m d
                rollRetATMonth24 ? RR AT 24m d
                churnRateDay1 ? Churn rate 1d d
                churnRateDay2 ? Churn rate 2d d
                churnRateDay3 ? Churn rate 3d d
                churnRateDay4 ? Churn rate 4d d
                churnRateDay5 ? Churn rate 5d d
                churnRateDay6 ? Churn rate 6d d
                churnRateDay7 ? Churn rate 7d d
                churnRateDay8 ? Churn rate 8d d
                churnRateDay9 ? Churn rate 9d d
                churnRateDay10 ? Churn rate 10d d
                churnRateDay11 ? Churn rate 11d d
                churnRateDay12 ? Churn rate 12d d
                churnRateDay13 ? Churn rate 13d d
                churnRateDay14 ? Churn rate 14d d
                churnRateDay15 ? Churn rate 15d d
                churnRateDay16 ? Churn rate 16d d
                churnRateDay17 ? Churn rate 17d d
                churnRateDay18 ? Churn rate 18d d
                churnRateDay19 ? Churn rate 19d d
                churnRateDay20 ? Churn rate 20d d
                churnRateDay21 ? Churn rate 21d d
                churnRateDay22 ? Churn rate 22d d
                churnRateDay23 ? Churn rate 23d d
                churnRateDay24 ? Churn rate 24d d
                churnRateDay25 ? Churn rate 25d d
                churnRateDay26 ? Churn rate 26d d
                churnRateDay27 ? Churn rate 27d d
                churnRateDay28 ? Churn rate 28d d
                churnRateDay29 ? Churn rate 29d d
                churnRateDay30 ? Churn rate 30d d
                churnRateWeek1 ? Churn rate 1w d
                churnRateWeek2 ? Churn rate 2w d
                churnRateWeek3 ? Churn rate 3w d
                churnRateWeek4 ? Churn rate 4w d
                churnRateWeek5 ? Churn rate 5w d
                churnRateWeek6 ? Churn rate 6w d
                churnRateWeek7 ? Churn rate 7w d
                churnRateWeek8 ? Churn rate 8w d
                churnRateWeek9 ? Churn rate 9w d
                churnRateWeek10 ? Churn rate 10w d
                churnRateWeek11 ? Churn rate 11w d
                churnRateWeek12 ? Churn rate 12w d
                churnRateWeek13 ? Churn rate 13w d
                churnRateWeek14 ? Churn rate 14w d
                churnRateWeek15 ? Churn rate 15w d
                churnRateWeek16 ? Churn rate 16w d
                churnRateWeek17 ? Churn rate 17w d
                churnRateWeek18 ? Churn rate 18w d
                churnRateWeek19 ? Churn rate 19w d
                churnRateWeek20 ? Churn rate 20w d
                churnRateWeek21 ? Churn rate 21w d
                churnRateWeek22 ? Churn rate 22w d
                churnRateWeek23 ? Churn rate 23w d
                churnRateWeek24 ? Churn rate 24w d
                churnRateWeek25 ? Churn rate 25w d
                churnRateWeek26 ? Churn rate 26w d
                churnRateMonth1 ? Churn rate 1m d
                churnRateMonth2 ? Churn rate 2m d
                churnRateMonth3 ? Churn rate 3m d
                churnRateMonth4 ? Churn rate 4m d
                churnRateMonth5 ? Churn rate 5m d
                churnRateMonth6 ? Churn rate 6m d
                churnRateMonth7 ? Churn rate 7m d
                churnRateMonth8 ? Churn rate 8m d
                churnRateMonth9 ? Churn rate 9m d
                churnRateMonth10 ? Churn rate 10m d
                churnRateMonth11 ? Churn rate 11m d
                churnRateMonth12 ? Churn rate 12m d
                churnRateMonth13 ? Churn rate 13m d
                churnRateMonth14 ? Churn rate 14m d
                churnRateMonth15 ? Churn rate 15m d
                churnRateMonth16 ? Churn rate 16m d
                churnRateMonth17 ? Churn rate 17m d
                churnRateMonth18 ? Churn rate 18m d
                churnRateMonth19 ? Churn rate 19m d
                churnRateMonth20 ? Churn rate 20m d
                churnRateMonth21 ? Churn rate 21m d
                churnRateMonth22 ? Churn rate 22m d
                churnRateMonth23 ? Churn rate 23m d
                churnRateMonth24 ? Churn rate 24m d
                churnRateDay1CA ? Churn rate 1d CA d
                churnRateDay2CA ? Churn rate 2d CA d
                churnRateDay3CA ? Churn rate 3d CA d
                churnRateDay4CA ? Churn rate 4d CA d
                churnRateDay5CA ? Churn rate 5d CA d
                churnRateDay6CA ? Churn rate 6d CA d
                churnRateDay7CA ? Churn rate 7d CA d
                churnRateDay8CA ? Churn rate 8d CA d
                churnRateDay9CA ? Churn rate 9d CA d
                churnRateDay10CA ? Churn rate 10d CA d
                churnRateDay11CA ? Churn rate 11d CA d
                churnRateDay12CA ? Churn rate 12d CA d
                churnRateDay13CA ? Churn rate 13d CA d
                churnRateDay14CA ? Churn rate 14d CA d
                churnRateDay15CA ? Churn rate 15d CA d
                churnRateDay16CA ? Churn rate 16d CA d
                churnRateDay17CA ? Churn rate 17d CA d
                churnRateDay18CA ? Churn rate 18d CA d
                churnRateDay19CA ? Churn rate 19d CA d
                churnRateDay20CA ? Churn rate 20d CA d
                churnRateDay21CA ? Churn rate 21d CA d
                churnRateDay22CA ? Churn rate 22d CA d
                churnRateDay23CA ? Churn rate 23d CA d
                churnRateDay24CA ? Churn rate 24d CA d
                churnRateDay25CA ? Churn rate 25d CA d
                churnRateDay26CA ? Churn rate 26d CA d
                churnRateDay27CA ? Churn rate 27d CA d
                churnRateDay28CA ? Churn rate 28d CA d
                churnRateDay29CA ? Churn rate 29d CA d
                churnRateDay30CA ? Churn rate 30d CA d
                churnRateWeek1CA ? Churn rate 1w CA d
                churnRateWeek2CA ? Churn rate 2w CA d
                churnRateWeek3CA ? Churn rate 3w CA d
                churnRateWeek4CA ? Churn rate 4w CA d
                churnRateWeek5CA ? Churn rate 5w CA d
                churnRateWeek6CA ? Churn rate 6w CA d
                churnRateWeek7CA ? Churn rate 7w CA d
                churnRateWeek8CA ? Churn rate 8w CA d
                churnRateWeek9CA ? Churn rate 9w CA d
                churnRateWeek10CA ? Churn rate 10w CA d
                churnRateWeek11CA ? Churn rate 11w CA d
                churnRateWeek12CA ? Churn rate 12w CA d
                churnRateWeek13CA ? Churn rate 13w CA d
                churnRateWeek14CA ? Churn rate 14w CA d
                churnRateWeek15CA ? Churn rate 15w CA d
                churnRateWeek16CA ? Churn rate 16w CA d
                churnRateWeek17CA ? Churn rate 17w CA d
                churnRateWeek18CA ? Churn rate 18w CA d
                churnRateWeek19CA ? Churn rate 19w CA d
                churnRateWeek20CA ? Churn rate 20w CA d
                churnRateWeek21CA ? Churn rate 21w CA d
                churnRateWeek22CA ? Churn rate 22w CA d
                churnRateWeek23CA ? Churn rate 23w CA d
                churnRateWeek24CA ? Churn rate 24w CA d
                churnRateWeek25CA ? Churn rate 25w CA d
                churnRateWeek26CA ? Churn rate 26w CA d
                churnRateMonth1CA ? Churn rate 1m CA d
                churnRateMonth2CA ? Churn rate 2m CA d
                churnRateMonth3CA ? Churn rate 3m CA d
                churnRateMonth4CA ? Churn rate 4m CA d
                churnRateMonth5CA ? Churn rate 5m CA d
                churnRateMonth6CA ? Churn rate 6m CA d
                churnRateMonth7CA ? Churn rate 7m CA d
                churnRateMonth8CA ? Churn rate 8m CA d
                churnRateMonth9CA ? Churn rate 9m CA d
                churnRateMonth10CA ? Churn rate 10m CA d
                churnRateMonth11CA ? Churn rate 11m CA d
                churnRateMonth12CA ? Churn rate 12m CA d
                churnRateMonth13CA ? Churn rate 13m CA d
                churnRateMonth14CA ? Churn rate 14m CA d
                churnRateMonth15CA ? Churn rate 15m CA d
                churnRateMonth16CA ? Churn rate 16m CA d
                churnRateMonth17CA ? Churn rate 17m CA d
                churnRateMonth18CA ? Churn rate 18m CA d
                churnRateMonth19CA ? Churn rate 19m CA d
                churnRateMonth20CA ? Churn rate 20m CA d
                churnRateMonth21CA ? Churn rate 21m CA d
                churnRateMonth22CA ? Churn rate 22m CA d
                churnRateMonth23CA ? Churn rate 23m CA d
                churnRateMonth24CA ? Churn rate 24m CA d
            preChurnDay7 ? Churn Prediction LT 7d d
            preChurnDay14 ? Churn Prediction LT 14d d
            preChurnDay21 ? Churn Prediction LT 21d d
            preChurnDay28 ? Churn Prediction LT 28d d
                sdFlow10sec1 ? SD 10sec d
                sdFlow10sec2 ? SD 20sec d
                sdFlow10sec3 ? SD 30sec d
                sdFlow10sec4 ? SD 40sec d
                sdFlow10sec5 ? SD 50sec d
                sdFlow10sec6 ? SD 60sec d
                sdFlow10sec7 ? SD 60sec+ d
                sdFlowmin1 ? SD 1min d
                sdFlowmin2 ? SD 2min d
                sdFlowmin3 ? SD 3min d
                sdFlowmin4 ? SD 4min d
                sdFlowmin5 ? SD 5min d
                sdFlowmin6 ? SD 6min d
                sdFlowmin7 ? SD 7min d
                sdFlowmin8 ? SD 8min d
                sdFlowmin9 ? SD 9min d
                sdFlowmin10 ? SD 10min d
                sdFlowmin11 ? SD 10min+ d
                sdFlow10min1 ? SD 10min d
                sdFlow10min2 ? SD 20min d
                sdFlow10min3 ? SD 30min d
                sdFlow10min4 ? SD 40min d
                sdFlow10min5 ? SD 50min d
                sdFlow10min6 ? SD 60min d
                sdFlow10min7 ? SD 60min+ d
                sdFlowhr1 ? SD 1hr d
                sdFlowhr2 ? SD 2hr d
                sdFlowhr3 ? SD 3hr d
                sdFlowhr4 ? SD 4hr d
                sdFlowhr5 ? SD 5hr d
                sdFlowhr6 ? SD 6hr d
                sdFlowhr7 ? SD 7hr d
                sdFlowhr8 ? SD 8hr d
                sdFlowhr9 ? SD 9hr d
                sdFlowhr10 ? SD 10hr d
                sdFlowhr11 ? SD 10hr+ d
                sdCA10sec1 ? SD CA 10sec d
                sdCA10sec2 ? SD CA 20sec d
                sdCA10sec3 ? SD CA 30sec d
                sdCA10sec4 ? SD CA 40sec d
                sdCA10sec5 ? SD CA 50sec d
                sdCA10sec6 ? SD CA 60sec d
                sdCA10sec7 ? SD CA 60sec+ d
                sdCAmin1 ? SD CA 1min d
                sdCAmin2 ? SD CA 2min d
                sdCAmin3 ? SD CA 3min d
                sdCAmin4 ? SD CA 4min d
                sdCAmin5 ? SD CA 5min d
                sdCAmin6 ? SD CA 6min d
                sdCAmin7 ? SD CA 7min d
                sdCAmin8 ? SD CA 8min d
                sdCAmin9 ? SD CA 9min d
                sdCAmin10 ? SD CA 10min d
                sdCAmin11 ? SD CA 10min+ d
                sdCA10min1 ? SD CA 10min d
                sdCA10min2 ? SD CA 20min d
                sdCA10min3 ? SD CA 30min d
                sdCA10min4 ? SD CA 40min d
                sdCA10min5 ? SD CA 50min d
                sdCA10min6 ? SD CA 60min d
                sdCA10min7 ? SD CA 60min+ d
                sdCAhr1 ? SD CA 1hr d
                sdCAhr2 ? SD CA 2hr d
                sdCAhr3 ? SD CA 3hr d
                sdCAhr4 ? SD CA 4hr d
                sdCAhr5 ? SD CA 5hr d
                sdCAhr6 ? SD CA 6hr d
                sdCAhr7 ? SD CA 7hr d
                sdCAhr8 ? SD CA 8hr d
                sdCAhr9 ? SD CA 9hr d
                sdCAhr10 ? SD CA 10hr d
                sdCAhr11 ? SD CA 10hr+ d
                sdLT10sec1 ? SD LT 10sec d
                sdLT10sec2 ? SD LT 20sec d
                sdLT10sec3 ? SD LT 30sec d
                sdLT10sec4 ? SD LT 40sec d
                sdLT10sec5 ? SD LT 50sec d
                sdLT10sec6 ? SD LT 60sec d
                sdLT10sec7 ? SD LT 60sec+ d
                sdLTmin1 ? SD LT 1min d
                sdLTmin2 ? SD LT 2min d
                sdLTmin3 ? SD LT 3min d
                sdLTmin4 ? SD LT 4min d
                sdLTmin5 ? SD LT 5min d
                sdLTmin6 ? SD LT 6min d
                sdLTmin7 ? SD LT 7min d
                sdLTmin8 ? SD LT 8min d
                sdLTmin9 ? SD LT 9min d
                sdLTmin10 ? SD LT 10min d
                sdLTmin11 ? SD LT 10min+ d
                sdLT10min1 ? SD LT 10min d
                sdLT10min2 ? SD LT 20min d
                sdLT10min3 ? SD LT 30min d
                sdLT10min4 ? SD LT 40min d
                sdLT10min5 ? SD LT 50min d
                sdLT10min6 ? SD LT 60min d
                sdLT10min7 ? SD LT 60min+ d
                sdLThr1 ? SD LT 1hr d
                sdLThr2 ? SD LT 2hr d
                sdLThr3 ? SD LT 3hr d
                sdLThr4 ? SD LT 4hr d
                sdLThr5 ? SD LT 5hr d
                sdLThr6 ? SD LT 6hr d
                sdLThr7 ? SD LT 7hr d
                sdLThr8 ? SD LT 8hr d
                sdLThr9 ? SD LT 9hr d
                sdLThr10 ? SD LT 10hr d
                sdLThr11 ? SD LT 10hr+ d
                sdAT10sec1 ? SD AT 10sec d
                sdAT10sec2 ? SD AT 20sec d
                sdAT10sec3 ? SD AT 30sec d
                sdAT10sec4 ? SD AT 40sec d
                sdAT10sec5 ? SD AT 50sec d
                sdAT10sec6 ? SD AT 60sec d
                sdAT10sec7 ? SD AT 60sec+ d
                sdATmin1 ? SD AT 1min d
                sdATmin2 ? SD AT 2min d
                sdATmin3 ? SD AT 3min d
                sdATmin4 ? SD AT 4min d
                sdATmin5 ? SD AT 5min d
                sdATmin6 ? SD AT 6min d
                sdATmin7 ? SD AT 7min d
                sdATmin8 ? SD AT 8min d
                sdATmin9 ? SD AT 9min d
                sdATmin10 ? SD AT 10min d
                sdATmin11 ? SD AT 10min+ d
                sdAT10min1 ? SD AT 10min d
                sdAT10min2 ? SD AT 20min d
                sdAT10min3 ? SD AT 30min d
                sdAT10min4 ? SD AT 40min d
                sdAT10min5 ? SD AT 50min d
                sdAT10min6 ? SD AT 60min d
                sdAT10min7 ? SD AT 60min+ d
                sdAThr1 ? SD AT 1hr d
                sdAThr2 ? SD AT 2hr d
                sdAThr3 ? SD AT 3hr d
                sdAThr4 ? SD AT 4hr d
                sdAThr5 ? SD AT 5hr d
                sdAThr6 ? SD AT 6hr d
                sdAThr7 ? SD AT 7hr d
                sdAThr8 ? SD AT 8hr d
                sdAThr9 ? SD AT 9hr d
                sdAThr10 ? SD AT 10hr d
                sdAThr11 ? SD AT 10hr+ d
            revenue ? Revenue d
            revenueCA ? Revenue CA d
            revenueLT ? Revenue LT d
            revenueAT ? Revenue AT d
            countPayment ? Transactions d
            countPaymentCA ? Transactions CA d
            countPaymentLT ? Transactions LT d
            countPaymentAT ? Transactions AT d
            countTestPayment ? Test transactions d
                countTrialSubscription ? Trial Subscriptions d
                countTrialSubscriptionCA ? Trial Subscriptions CA d
                countTrialSubscriptionLT ? Trial Subscriptions LT d
                countTrialSubscriptionAT ? Trial Subscriptions AT d
                countFirstSubscription ? First Subscriptions d
                countFirstSubscriptionCA ? First Subscriptions CA d
                countFirstSubscriptionLT ? First Subscriptions LT d
                countFirstSubscriptionAT ? First Subscriptions AT d
                countRenewalSubscription ? Subscription Renewals d
                countRenewalSubscriptionCA ? Subscription Renewals CA d
                countRenewalSubscriptionLT ? Subscription Renewals LT d
                countRenewalSubscriptionAT ? Subscription Renewals AT d
                countTPC ? TPC d
                rateTPC ? TPC Rate d
            uniqPayer ? Paying audience d
            deviceUniqPayerLT ? Paying audience LT d
            deviceUniqPayerAT ? Paying audience AT d
            uniqPayerCA ? Paying audience CA d
            countFirstPayer ? First time payers d
            countFirstPayerCA ? First time payers CA d
            countFirstPayerLT ? First time payers LT d
            countFirstPayerAT ? First time payers AT d
            dpu ? DPU d
            dpuCA ? DPU CA d
            wpu ? WPU d
            wpuCA ? WPU CA d
            dcWpu ? WPU per week d
            dcWpuCa ? WPU per week CA d
            dpWpu ? WPU per 7 days d
            dpWpuCa ? WPU per 7 days CA d
            mpu ? MPU d
            mpuCA ? MPU CA d
            dcMpu ? MPU per month d
            dcMpuCa ? MPU per month CA d
            dpMpu ? MPU per 30 days d
            dpMpuCa ? MPU per 30 days CA d
            arpu ? ARPU d