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iOS & SKAdNetwork

In 2020, Apple introduced a new data privacy policy that requires mobile apps to inform users about data collection and request permission to track. According to our research, most users tend to refuse these requests. As a result, app owners and ad networks cannot accurately identify users' devices and link their activity to ad campaigns.

Apple offered the ATT and SKAdNetwork frameworks as a solution. With ATT, an app can get the user's permission and, in case of failure, use SKAdNetwork to attribute installs without attribution to specific devices.

MyTracker will help app developers and ad networks adapt to Apple's new rules and continue to get stats from iOS 14+ devices.

MyTracker solutions

  • ATT tracking. MyTracker SDK will automatically collect data on the number of denials and permissions. You can view the data broken down by region or ad campaigns, view the stats in the Report builder, export data via API, and pass it on to partners.
  • SKAN attribution. If a user has denied data tracking, MyTracker collects stats while maintaining user privacy: initiates SKAdNetwork attribution, accepts SKAN postbacks from Apple and integrated partners, and collects aggregated data from SRN systems. You'll be able to track the number and value of conversions and detail data by partners and ad campaigns.
  • SKAN predictions. Using predictive analytics tools based on the data obtained by SKAdNetwork, MyTracker will show LTV predictions for days 60 and 180. According to the results of the forecasts, you can assess the quality of traffic in advance and adjust the strategy for the iOS campaign.

Step-by-step guide

To follow Apple's new policy with MyTracker:

  1. Inform users about data tracking on the App Store product page. Learn more
  2. Support the ATT framework in your app and make sure your MyTracker SDK version is at least 2.1.2. Learn more
  3. Verify your application in MyTracker. Learn more
  4. Configure your app to receive SKAN postbacks from Apple. Learn more
  5. Make sure ad networks are registered with Apple and added to the MyTracker's SKAN partner list. Learn more
  6. Analyze SKAdNetwork data using reports. Learn more
  7. Get the LTV prediction on SKAdNetwork data. The 60-day and 180-day forecast metrics will help you predict likely profits. Learn more
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