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Google Play Data safety

According to Google’s data safety requirement, app developers need to inform users about collecting data.

The table below shows the information MyTracker SDK collects. The data is given in the classification offered by Google and can be used in Data Safety form on your behalf.

Please note that this is describing MyTracker SDK in the default configuration, so before you transmit data to Google Play Console, make sure to compare the following default configuration to your specific SDK configuration.

Nothing stated here is legal advice, and it is provided primarily for your convenience according to MyTracker understanding of the Google guidelines. We recommend that you work closely with legal to determine exactly how Google policies and any applicable laws apply to your application based on your practice and data use purposes.

Data collection and security

In this section, you need to give answer "Yes" or "No" to the following questions:

  • Whether or not your app collects or shares any of the required data types.
  • Whether or not all of the user data collected by your app is encrypted in transit.
  • Whether or not you provide a way for users to request that their data is deleted.

MyTracker serializes all data in transit that is transmitted through the SDK. MyTracker also provides app developers with the ability to delete user data by sending a request to support@tracker.my.com.

Data types

Data typeMyTracker data collection (default configuration)Comment
Approximate location ? No

Collection of this data is disabled by default in all SDK versions starting 3.0.9
App developers may configure the transmission of this data by enabling TrackingLocationEnabled
Precise location ? No

Collection of this data is disabled by default in all SDK versions starting 3.0.9
App developers may configure the transmission of this data by enabling TrackingLocationEnabled
Personal info
Name No
Email address No
User IDs ? No App developers may configure the transmission of this data
Address No
Phone number No
Race and ethnicity No
Political or religious beliefs No
Sexual orientation No
Other info No
Financial info
User payment info No
Purchase history No App developers may configure the transmission of this data
Credit score No
Other financial info No
Health and fitness
Health info No
Fitness info No
Emails No
Other in-app messages No
Photos or videos
Photos No
Videos No
Audio files
Voice or sound recordings No
Music files No
Other audio files No
Files and docs
Files and docs No
Calendar events No
Contacts No
App activity
App interactions ? No App developers may configure the transmission of this data using custom events
In-app search history No App developers may configure the transmission of this data using custom events
Installed apps No
Other user-generated content ? No App developers may configure the transmission of this data using custom events
Other actions ? No App developers may configure the transmission of this data using custom events
Web browsing
Web browsing history No
App info and performance
Crash logs No
Diagnostics Yes MyTracker can collect on battery levels for fraud detection purposes
Other app performance data Yes MyTracker can collect additional data, for example, device info such as an OS version, screen type, and so on.
Device or other IDs
Device or other IDs ? Yes, if the app received the user’s permission

Data sharing

MyTracker is the third-party system for product and marketing analytics for your application. When filling out the information in Google Play regarding the purposes of data collection, note that the Collected block relates to the purposes of data collection by the application, and the Shared block relates to the purposes of third-party collection.

Ephemeral processing

Ephemerally processing means accessing and using it while the data is only stored in memory and retained for no longer than necessary to service the specific request in real-time.

Given the nature of the services provided by MyTracker, the processing of data cannot be treated as ephemeral.

User control

App developers have the ability to control data collection and request appropriate permissions from users. Fill the Data Safety form following specific app configuration.


Google proposes several categories of data use, select purposes that are more relevant to your practice:

PurposeData use
App functionality Optional. Select if you use data to enable app features, or authenticate users
Analytics Yes
Developer communications Optional. Select if you use data for sending a push notification to inform users about an important security update, or informing users about new features of the app
Advertising or marketing Optional. Select if you display ads in your app, send push notifications to promote other products or services, or share data with advertising partners
Fraud prevention, security, and compliance Yes
Personalization Optional. Select if you use data for product personalization, such as suggesting playlists or news based on the user's habits
Account management Optional. Select if you use data the setup or management of a user’s account with the developer

Troubleshooting tips

If you have filled out the Google Play Data Safety form, followed the above recommendations, but still received a warning from Google about using MyTracker SDK, consider the following troubleshooting tips.

Only Google Play can provide the official interpretation of notifications and recommendations for compliance with policies

Check the Data Safety form filling

Make sure that the Data Safety form is filled out according the Google Play data safety recommendations in this section.

Data Safety is filled out separately for each app. The form has two blocks: data collection and data sharing. Everything related to external SDKs is filled in the data sharing block.

The data filling blocks for the Collected data and Shared data match. For example, location data can be both collected and shared. If the app owner specifies the collection of location data but does not specify its sharing, while enabling location tracking in the SDK settings, it is a violation of the privacy policy.

Problems often arise because of data on device identifiers. It is important to note this point specifically in the Shared data block, this is critical and mandatory for MyTracker SDK.

Submit the updated Data Safety information for verification to Google and wait for its completion. After the verification is finished, the updated information will be displayed on the page https://play.google.com/store/apps/datasafety?id=your_bundle_ID.

Use the up-to-date SDK version

Make sure you are using the up-to-date MyTracker Android SDK version. The minimum required version is 3.0.10. If your version is outdated, rebuild your app with the new SDK version. See changelog.

If you are using myTarget SDK, make sure that the dependencies include the current version of the MyTracker library. If the version is outdated, update myTarget SDK to update the MyTracker SDK dependency with version 3.0.10 or higher.

The up-to-date version of myTarget SDK for Android | iOS | Unity.

Remove outdated SDK versions with Closed and Open Testing statuses

Another possible reason for warnings from Google is active app versions with an outdated version of the MyTracker SDK, which are in the Google Play Console in the build statuses Closed and Open Testing. MyTracker SDK versions below 3.0.10 do not comply with Google’s security policies, so do the following:

  1. Delete outdated versions with warnings from the Google Play Console.
  2. Make sure that no other active versions with an outdated MyTracker SDK remain in the project. Having such versions can lead Google to consider even the new version as non-compliant with the privacy policy.
  3. Check that your app's entire audience is using the new build.
  4. Verify all active app versions to exclude outdated versions with violations, as described in Google's data safety requirements.

Submit an appeal to Google

If you continue to receive warnings from Google even after following the troubleshooting tips above, consider submitting an appeal for app restoration. You can use the following example to reach out to the Google Play team:

Hi Google Play Team!

As you know, we have always been attentive to your messages and have done our best to comply with all policies. On <date>, unexpectedly, we received a warning across our applications regarding the MyTracker SDK violating the User Data Policy. Last year, we received a similar warning, but now we are fully compliant and sent the updated and fixed SDK version <current SDK version> for review on <last review date>. You may also want to check out MyTracker documentation.

We believe there has been a mistake sending us rejections based on an incorrect, old SDK version we no longer use. Please review the latest version from <last review date>. Here is a list of bundle IDs for which we have received rejections based on the same issue: <list of application bundle IDs>.

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