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Subscription tracking

Subscription is one of the monetization models, involved both free trial periods and regular payments for content. It may be a game subscription, monthly magazine, season broadcast, etc.

MyTracker helps you assess the efficiency of the subscription model, calculate ROI, and seamlessly accumulate relevant data even when a user switches devices. With MyTracker, you can gather the following data:

  • free trial and new subscribers;
  • trial to paid conversions;
  • first paid subscriptions;
  • renewals;
  • your income from subscriptions;
  • details by ad campaigns, type and name of subscriptions, etc.
  • historical subscription data.

MyTracker can track subscriptions from the App Store and Google Play. Subscriptions from other stores you can upload via the S2S API as a custom revenue. To learn how to track different revenue types, see the Revenue tracking section

Track data

  1. Configure payment tracking:
    • just install MyTracker SDK into the iOS, Flutter app, and payments will be automatically tracked;
    • use special API methods for Android and Unity Android. See the sections about Android and Unity SDK.
  2. Set up payment verification to check each transaction with App Store and Google Play servers.

Done! Now you can track subscriptions.

Also, you can track subscriptions using S2S API methods

Analyze data

MyTracker provides several ways to analyze and process data: Reports, Builder, templates, and Export API.


Select the menu Reports → Monetization to see the share of subscriptions in total revenue and compare ARPU calculations on subscriptions and purchases.


Select the Analytics → Builder menu to pick up the metrics and dimensions you need. For instance:


Through the menu Analytics → Templates, select Subscription model, which included all metrics on subscription and main financial statement.


Use API to export raw data and reports without a web interface. For information, refer to the Export API section


Why cannot I see subscriptions in MyTracker?

Probably you forgot to enable payment verification.

If a user switch devices, will their subscription be treated?

Yes, if you pass the user identifier. MyTracker can gather data both by device and by authorized users. To compare stats, use the toggle button Devices/Users in Reports and sections Device metrics and User metrics in the Builder.

How can I track renewals if a user does not launch the app?

That’s enough for MyTracker SDK to track the fact of subscription. Subsequent data will gather regardless of whether or not the user launches the app.

You can track renewal of subscriptions made before the MyTracker SDK integration. To pass these subscriptions, use S2S API

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