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Raw data

This API part enables you to export raw data.

API allows getting stats in the form it was gathered by SDK, without aggregation, easy and enriched form. With raw data you can:

  • more analyze app experiences for users;
  • check mathematical models;
  • train neural networks;
  • fill and enrich CRM data;
  • recheck reports.

Only account owners and users with the granted export permission can export raw data from the account. For details, see User management.

Export raw data

  1. Create an export request.
  2. Wait for the response by sending Get requests.
    If the query takes too long time and you do not want to wait for the result, you can Cancel the request.
  3. With the successful result, download raw data files.

You will get CSV files compressed to gzip. Large files can be split into multiple pieces. Each file has a title with the names of requested selectors.

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