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Web tracking

The success of any project hinges on the understanding of the target audience. Even though users increasingly go for mobile apps, websites still attract a fair share of traffic.

MyTracker can help you gather data on your web audience and get a comprehensive view of all your project platforms. This includes identifying the number of unique users, tracking the use of different platforms (Web, iOS, Android), attributing the collected data to an ad campaign, and more.

How it works

Web tracking is enabled by the Top Mail.Ru counter and VK Ads pixel. The counter code is embedded in your website pages, making visitor data tracking possible. Using the counter ID, MyTracker can gather website statistics, enrich them with mobile data, and display analytics for all platforms in a single window.

Where to start

  1. Create a web app in MyTracker.
  2. Create a web counter. If you've already implemented the Top Mail.Ru counter or VK Ads pixel on the website, just confirm access to it. If you haven't, you can create a new counter.
  3. Set up the counter: turn on user tracking, goals, and automatic events tracking.
  4. Install the counter code on all pages of your website. You can place the code manually or use the official plugin.
  5. Check MyTracker settings using the checklist before you publish the website and run ad campaigns.

How to track web traffic

To track traffic sources and campaign results, use MyTracker tracking links or UTM tags.

When a user visits your site, MyTracker will read the traffic source via link parameters or UTM tags and provide all the collected information in the reports.

How to analyze web data

MyTracker provides special reports, metrics, and sections to analyze the collected stats for your site:

  • Page acticvity.
  • Pageviews, bounces, page depth.
  • Automatic events: form submission, view catalogue, view product.
  • Detail by referrer, page address, title, and more.

You can use dashboard and create report with Builder.

For details, refer to the Web reports section

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