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Data import from Google Ads

MyTracker can import Google Ads stats on ad impressions, clicks, and costs. This allows you to:

  • View all Google campaign data in a single report, without the need to export two sets of data from MyTracker and Google Ads and manually collate them in one file.
  • Compare Google Ads CR (Conversion Rate) with that of other traffic sources.
  • Understand your ROI (Return on Investment), the key indicator of ad performance.

Activating import

  1. Sign in to Google Ads.
  2. In MyTracker, go to the list of partners В MyTracker в Partner list and click Link Google Ads under Google Ads.
  3. Select your MyTracker account and click Link Google Ads account.
  4. You can link multiple Google Ads accounts. To do so, sign out of one Google Ads account, sign in to another, and click on Link Google Ads account once again. To disable import, remove the corresponding account from the Google Ads integration page.

After some time, your personal Google Ads account with the sync status indicator will be displayed on the integration page.

Depending on the number of accounts and campaigns you have access to in Google Ads, syncing may take from 1 to 10–20 minutes. If after 30 minutes there is no "sync complete" message, contact the MyTracker support team.


From the time of linking, MyTracker will collect data (impressions, clicks and cost) for all UACs you have access to (but only if these campaigns are related to apps that are part of your MyTracker account).

To build a report on impressions, clicks and costs for Google Ads campaigns:

  1. Go to the Report builder and select Google Ads from the Partners filter list.
  2. Add the Campaign dimension and make sure that Impressions and Clicks appear on the selector list. You may find them using search (as shown below) or Select from list as follows: DimensionsTraffic sourcesCampaignCampaign, DevicesBasic metricsImpressions and DevicesBasic metricsImpressions).
  3. Click Calculate.

Google Ads provides aggregated data. Most dimensions (Region, Device model, etc.) are not available for this data, with the only breakdown options being by campaign, by country, by date, and (for campaign cost) by currency.


If you see no impression, click, and campaign cost data in a MyTracker report:

  • Make sure that the Google Ads integration page displays a successful link (highlighted in green) and the relevant accounts. It's possible that the user name you used to link Google Ads has no access to the account. Try signing in to Google Ads using a different email and repeating the linking steps (click Link in MyTracker once again).
  • Go to Google Ads and make sure that the Google Ads campaign has been launched and has fetched clicks.
  • If the campaign has been launched less than an hour ago, try waiting – Google data may come in with a delay.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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