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Hybrid integration

Hybrid is a programmatic advertising ecosystem.

Integration with the Hybrid partner allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising: collect data on the number of impressions, clicks and campaign costs, evaluate the traffic quality.


To track stats on users brought in by Hybrid, use tracking links created in MyTracker:

  1. Create a campaign in the MyTracker interface, in which select Hybrid as the Partner.
  2. Add a tracking link to your application.
  3. Share the tracking link with your partner. You can copy Click or Impression URL from the tracking link view page and either send it to your Hybrid manager or paste it into your ad by yourself.

Now, launch a Hybrid campaign and track new users in MyTracker reports.

Connecting account

To collect data on clicks from partner, impressions, and campaign costs, connect your MyTracker account to your Hybrid account:

Data collection is possible only for those campaigns that use tracking links from MyTracker

  1. In MyTracker, open the integration page with Hybrid.
  2. Select the MyTracker account to integrate with a partner.
  3. On the Connected accounts tab, enter the Hybrid Client ID and Hybrid Client Secret. You can find them in your Hybrid account. If you don not know where to find this data, contact your manager.
  4. Click Link Hybrid account.

After a while, the Hybrid account with the sync status will be displayed on the integration page. Account stats will be displayed within 24 hours.


After successful integration, MyTracker will collect data on your active Hybrid campaigns: impressions, clicks from partner, and campaign costs.

To check the Hybrid advertising stats:

  1. In the Report Builder, in the Partners filter, select Hybrid.
  2. Add the Campaign dimension and select the Impressions, Campaign cost, and Clicks from Partner selectors to see the results of advertising campaigns.
  3. Additionally, you can add sections by traffic sources:
    • SubID Network (SSP name);
    • SubID Campaign (Campaign name).
  4. Click Calculate.


If you see no Hybrid stats in MyTracker reports:

  • Make sure the MyTracker SDK is built into the app.
  • Make sure that there is a successfully connected account on the integration page with Hybrid (highlighted in green).
  • Make sure that the partner's advertising campaign is running and there are clicks on it in the Hybrid interface.
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