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Ad monetization

Connect the ad monetization account to assess the effect of in-app advertising.

When you collect data on the ad revenue and number of in-app impressions, you can choose the right monetization strategy: change the current ad unit, limit the number of impressions, and evaluate how impression affects the further audience activity.

Connect account

  1. In myTarget create a token to synchronize your accounts:
    • Go to the Profile > Access Tokens.
    • Click Create token.
    • Copy the token.

    For details see the myTarget documentation.

  2. Connect account to MyTracker:
    • In the Ad monetization tab choose MyTracker account to integrate with the partner.
    • Click Add.
    • Paste the copied Token.
    • Click Send request. Account synchronization will be completed in 24 hours.


After the successful connection of the account, MyTracker will receive stats on ad revenue and the number of in-app impressions grouped by device, ad placement, campaign, ad unit and date.

For details see the section Ad revenue tracking section.

Connect the ad account to collect data on your ad campaigns.

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