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Creating calculated metrics

You can create the metric in two ways:

Use the instructions below to fill out the form that opens.

You can use a metric created by another MyTracker user as a base to create your own metric. To do this, click  next to the external metric. Learn more


Create a formula using the following components:

  • Standard MyTracker Metrics. Start typing, and you'll see a list of metrics that you can use. See the full list of device and user metrics in the Selector section
  • Operators +,-,*, /
  • Integer or decimal numbers with a dot as decimal separator
  • Brackets ()


Enter the metric's title that will be shown in the reports and lists.

We recommend that you specify the metric types in the title, for example, (d) — devices metrics or (u) — user metrics, LT/CA/AT metrics. For more details, refer to Selectors and User tracking sections.


Select folder to store your metric. Root catalogue is selected by default. You can create a new folder in the calculated metrics list.

You can use folders to organize the list of calculated metrics. For example, you can create the CPA metrics folder for metrics of the same type (CPA RET 3d, CPA RET 7d).

Result format

Select the number format in which the metric will be displayed in the reports:

  • Number — the result will be integer or decimal number. You can set the rounding precision in the builder settings.
  • Percentage — the result will be displayed in percentage, that is multiplied by 100%.
  • Currency — the result will be displayed in the currency specified in the builder settings

For example, if 100 / 5000 = 0,02, then

  • Number = 0.2
  • Percentage = 2%
  • Currency = USD 0.02

Total row

Select the value of the total row in the report:

  • Sum of all report rows.
  • Average of all report rows (the sum of all rows divided by the number of rows).

For example, if the report rows are 1, 2, 3, then in the total row, you will see Sum = 6, Average = 2.

If you select Result format as Currency and Transaction currency as a currency in the builder settings, Total row will be displayed separately for each currency.


Add a description to your metric, so you do not forget its meaning or explain it to your colleagues if you decide to share the metric.

The description will be displayed on the metrics page and the Report builder tooltips (see figure below)


Click Add. The metric will be saved in the calculated metrics list and appear in the Report builder.

You can use metrics when building reports, in templates, API, and share the metrics with your team.

See Using calculated metrics and How to share a metric sections

Editing calculated metrics

You can edit the metric in two ways:

Deleting calculated metrics

To delete a metric, click in the list of calculated metrics.

The metric will be removed from the calculated metrics list, from the list of selectors in the Report builder. Still, it will remain available in previously created Templates and via links to previously saved reports.

If Templates have a deleted metric, it will be displayed as external metric, which you can save. Learn more

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