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Revenue tracking

There are four revenue types: purchases, subscriptions, ads, and custom revenue.

Revenue tracking is not yet supported for VK Mini Apps


Purchases are one-time payments characterizing user active interest.

MyTracker purchases include:

  • In-app payment
  • Buy game
  • VK Play in-app payment

MyTracker automatically collects data about VK Play in-app payments and game purchases. To do this, connect your game to MyTracker through the developer portal in VK Play. To learn more, see the Connecting account section.

To track in-app payments made through Google Play and the App Store, configure SDK, and set up payment verification. For more details, refer to the Purchase tracking section.


Subscription implies regular payments for paid content in the app. It may be a monthly magazine, season broadcast, etc. MyTracker also collects trial subscriptions, trial to paid conversions, and renewals.

MyTracker can track subscriptions from the App Store and Google Play, if you have set up in-app payment tracking. Tracking subscriptions made through other stores is not currently supported. For more details, refer to the Subscription tracking section.

Custom revenue

Custom revenue involves other payment transactions that cannot be sent to MyTracker using the standard revenue types. For example, it may be offline purchases, payments from WeChat or AppGallery.

To send custom revenue, use S2S API. For details, refer to the Import payments section.

We do not recommend you upload ad revenue, in-app payments and subscription from Google Play and App Store as custom revenue, it'll cause data distortions


This includes revenue data from ads embedded in the mobile app. To collect ad monetization data, connect your MyTracker account to your account on the partner network. For more details, refer to the Ad revenue tracking section.

Data analysis

MyTracker provides several ways to analyze and process data:

  • Reports with a simple table, diagram, and graph;
  • Builder for in-depth analytics;
  • Templates with key financial metrics;
  • Export API to get raw data or build a report without a web interface.


Select the menu Reports → Monetization to analyze total revenue, paying audience, and profit:


Select the Analytics → Builder menu to choose the metrics and dimensions you need. For instance, you can build a report broken down by revenue type:


Through the menu Analytics → Templates, select default templates:

  • Financial statement or Financial statement by traffic source with partner details;
  • Subscription model with renewals, conversion, and revenue details;
  • Advertising model to analyze ad revenue.


Use API to export raw data and reports without a web interface. For information, refer to the Export API section

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