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SKAdNetwork postbacks from Apple

Starting with iOS 15, the app developer can receive SKAN postbacks directly from Apple, without ad networks.

MyTracker allows developers to receive SKAN signals from Apple and get all iOS stats in one place. The app developer can choose to receive data from MyTracker domain or their own domain .

Postbacks from Apple cannot replace postbacks from ad networks because they do not contain details on advertising campaigns. For more information on how to support the reception of all SKAN data, see the SKAN attribution section.

Receiving SKAN postbacks from Apple

To support the SKAN postbacks from Apple:

  1. Verify your application in MyTracker. For details, refer to the Application verification section.
  2. Select Info.plist in the Project navigator Xсode.
  3. Click Add (+) beside a key in the property list editor and click Return.
  4. Type the key name NSAdvertisingAttributionReportEndpoint.
  5. Choose String from the pop-up menu in the Type column.
  6. Type the endpoint URL: MyTracker domain or your own domain.
    • You can copy MyTracker domain from the application view page, the SKAdNetwork Settings tab.
    • If you use own domain, type the URL in the format https://example.com and configure a proxy server to forward the data to MyTracker (copy MyTracker SKAN Postbacks domain from the SKAdNetwork Settings tab). Example of NGINX configuration:
server {


    server_name example.com;


    location /.well-known/skadnetwork/report-attribution/ {
        proxy_set_header Host example.com;
        proxy_pass [MyTracker SKAN Postbacks domain];



See also sections SKAN reports and Exporting SKAN postbacks via API

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