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What is MyTracker

MyTracker is multi-platform analytics and attribution for mobile apps and websites.

What it does

MyTracker allows you to learn who your audience are, where they come from and how to retain them:

  • collects stats on your project;
  • attributes any tracked data to the traffic source: installs, purchases, pageviews, and any other events;
  • simplifies analytics, giving you all the reports you need in one place: advertising activity, user behavior and profile, financial metrics, etc.

What's inside

  • SDK, which is a programming library for mobile apps tracking.
  • Web Counter for tracking data on websites.
  • Web interface, where you can create a working environment, as well as view and export analytical reports.

How it works

MyTracker is free, with no limits on data volume and storage time.

All you need to do is integrate the SDK into your app or website, and MyTracker will start collecting data. As stats roll in, you can run analytical reports and grow your project based on the collected data.

Get started with MyTracker in three steps

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