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May 2024

New tool for checking integration and data transfer in MyTracker

Check data transfer from MyTracker counters and SDK using a special tool — "Integration status". With its help, you can find out:

  • the counter or SDK is correctly installed;
  • the SDK version is up to date;
  • the events are transferred from the site and application for a full analysis of conversions;
  • cross-platform tracking is enabled, so you can analyze the action of one user from different devices;
  • all revenue types are transferred for seamless analytics in a single window;
  • which domains the counter is embedded on;
  • the Google Data Safety form is filled out correctly: this is important to avoid the application being removed from the store.

Go to MyTracker, select your app or website and click on the "Integration status" tab. Details in the documentation.

Check integration

Privacy manifest and other improvements in 3.1.9 SDK version

Apple's Privacy Manifest is a mechanism for transferring information about an app's data collection and tracking.

According to the policy introduced by Apple in iOS 17, each tracking system must provide a report file (manifest) documenting its privacy practices.

The manifest can be generated either by the app itself or by its components. It is required for all new and updated applications.

Version 3.1.9 MyTracker SDK supports automatic generation of the privacy manifest file. We recommend updating the SDK to this version to avoid manual data entry. Also in this release:

  • improved mechanism for sending events to the MyTracker server;
  • other technical improvements and bug fixes.

Updated "Events" report

Now, in the "Events" report, you can not only see the number of user actions but also evaluate their quality.

What has changed:

  • Unified report. You can analyze events and their parameters in one report.
  • Flexible visualization. You can compare events and their properties on the same chart.
  • Attribution settings. You can choose the most suitable attribution model.
  • Top events and parameters in view. You can quickly see what users do most often on the website or in the app.

Go to the report

April 2024

VK ID authorization in MyTracker from May 23

Starting May 23, we will use a VK ID for user authorization. Other login methods will stop working.

From this date, you can only register a new profile through your VK ID. We ask all existing MyTracker users to connect the new authorization method to their profile.

If you have not yet connected a VK ID to your MyTracker profile, it is best to do so before May 23, while the old methods are still available. Log in to your profile as usual (with login and password) and add the VK ID.

If you do not connect your VK ID by May 23, your MyTracker profile will not be blocked or disabled. But you will not be able to log in without a VK ID and will need to recover access.

You do not have to use your personal VK ID, like the one you use for VK. You can quickly create a new VK ID for work tasks using your work email.

We provide a link to the instructions for connecting VK ID and authorizing in MyTracker.

If you did not find an answer to your question, contact our support team.

Website analytics: "Traffic Acquisition" report update

Now, in the "Traffic Acquisition" report, you gain immediate access to your site's key marketing metrics without wasting time on complex settings and filters.

You can quickly evaluate traffic by four metrics:

  • by sessions,
  • by visitors,
  • by events,
  • by visitors with events.

Also, you can configure the report period and use UTM tags, traffic type, partner or campaign created in MyTracker for details.

The "Traffic Acquisition" report is available to all MyTracker users. However, data about site traffic appears once the web counter is installed.

Go to the report

Read more on the blog

March 2024

"User paths" by segment and sampling settings

We have updated "User paths" — a tool for analyzing user behavior on the website and app.

Now you can:

  • analyze paths of different user segments;
  • build paths for multiple advertising partners and traffic types at once;
  • speed up data processing with sampling.

We have also added warnings when closing unsaved reports and fixed bugs and errors. Go to User paths

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