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BidCore integration

BidCore is a demand-side platform that gives flexibility control of the buying algorithms and access premium inventory from niche SSPs (Supply Side Platform).

MyTracker supports the full integration with partner: mobile and web attribution, data import on impressions, clicks, costs, campaign optimization by in-app events, and traffic evaluation.


To get stats on users brought in by BidCore, use a tracking link created in our system:

  1. In MyTracker, create an ad campaign, selecting BidCore as the Partner.
  2. Add a tracking link to your app.
  3. Enable postbacks to be sent to the partner’s system.
  4. Share the tracking link with your partner. You can copy Click or Impression URL from the tracking link view page and either send it to your BidCore manager or paste it into your ad by yourself.

Now, launch a BidCore campaign and track new users in MyTracker reports.

Connecting account

To get data on campaign costs, clicks, and impressions, connect the BidCore account:

Data collection is available only for a campaign with MyTracker's tracking links

  1. Sign in to IPONWEB with your BidCore credentials.
  2. Get a permanent auth token:
    • Select OAuth2 Access and click New permanent token.
    • In the Scopes field set uslicer.iponweb.com and click Create.
    • Copy the generated token.
  3. In MyTracker, open the BidCore integration page.
  4. Select a MyTracker account containing apps you need.
  5. Enter your BidCore project name and u-Slicer instance. Ask your BidCore account manager to send it to you.
  6. Paste the copied token.
  7. Click Link BidCore account.

After some time, your BidCore account with the sync status indicator will be displayed on the integration page. Account stats will appear within 24 hours.


After the successful integration, MyTracker will provide an analytical base for evaluating BidCore campaigns. It includes the number of engaged audiences, campaign costs and stats on the traffic quality: user activity, payments, etc.

To see the BidCore advertising stats:

  1. In the Partners filter select BidCore.
  2. Add dimensions by traffic source using Select from listTraffic source:
    • Campaign and Tracking link;
    • SubID Network (inventory source ID),
    • SubID Campaign (campaign ID)
    • SubID Ad Set (line item ID)
    • SubId Creative (creative ID)
  3. Add extra selectors to determine the quality of your traffic (e.g. campaign cost, average session duration, revenue, etc.).
  4. Click Calculate.


If you see no BidCore stats in MyTracker:

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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