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VK Play integration

VK Play is a russian platform for selling and distributing Free-to-Play and Premium games. The platform offers developers simple and quick integration for all games, traffic tracking, an API for ad monetization, and more.

Connect MyTracker to your game on VK Play to take your app analytics to the next level:

  • monitor game statistics instantly: audience activity, retention, total revenue, details by age, country, and session duration.
  • build conversion funnels and visualize user steps: which ads are your power users coming from, where are you losing the most users;
  • create audience segments for researching specific user groups and targeting;
  • build reports of any complexity with multiple selectors and filters, break down data by traffic sources.
  • connect such partners as Google, Petal Ads, VK, Facebook, etc.

How it works

To integrate VK Play with MyTracker, just click Connect MyTracker in the VK Play developer portal. MyTracker automatically creates an account and applications similar to the company and games on the VK Play platform.

On the MyTracker side, you can manage advertising campaigns, create tracking links and build detailed reports on different traffic channels. On the VK Play side, you can see general stats on incoming traffic.


Some MyTracker options are not available to game developers due to the specifics of the game platform:

Project. Project for VK Play games may include only one game. Unlike mobile apps, you can't combine multiple games into one project.

Attribution. Attribution for VK Play campaigns supports post-click and post-view conversions. Attribution settings for VK Play are set by default and cannot be edited.

  • 7 days for Post click attribution
  • 1 day for Post view attribution

Campaigns. When adding a campaign to MyTracker, select the "VK Play" type.

Metrics by platform users. In MyTracker, VK Play has its own set of metrics. You can find it in the Report builder in the Platform Users section. The superscript letter p indicates these metrics. See Report below.

Connecting account

To connect VK Play to MyTracker:

  1. Register and log in to MyTracker in advance.
  2. Registering in advance will make the connection path easier. However, you can also register later. The main thing is to ensure that the MyTracker registration email is the same as the email specified in step 3.

  3. In VK Play, click the Connect MyTracker. You can do this on the company page or the game card:
    • Select Companies in the profile menu, select the company you need to connect to MyTracker, scroll down the page and click Connect MyTracker.
    • In the game card, go to the Statistics & tracking section to the Campaign management tab and click Connect MyTracker.
  4. Enter the email address under which you signed up for MyTracker and click Send. A «MyTracker invite» email will be sent to this address.
  5. If you haven't received the email, check your «Spam» folder. If there is no email in your spam folder, contact our support team.

  6. Ensure you are logged into MyTracker under the same email that the «MyTracker invite» was sent to and click Accept invitation. You will be redirected to MyTracker.

Done! Your VK Play company is connected to MyTracker. A list of games will be available on the Applications list page.

Campaign management

In MyTracker, in the Campaigns section, you can create ad campaigns and tracking links to collect statistics on your own ads and assess the quality of income traffic.

All campaigns created on the VK Play side before the account is connected will be automatically uploaded to MyTracker. Up-to-date statistics for these campaigns will also be available in MyTracker reports.

To run an ad campaign with a tracking link from MyTracker:

  1. Add a campaign with the VK Play type.
  2. Add one or more tracking links to the campaign.
  3. One link can be used in an unlimited number of advertisements. However, stats, in this case, will be collected by all ads.

    To get the most detailed statistics for each advertisement or channel, use unique links.

    As a result, MyTracker will generate Click URL and Direct Click URL to track traffic. Impression URL will also be generated and can be used for counting impressions, not for attribution.

  4. Place Click URL or Direct Click URL in the ad. You can copy the URL from the tracking link view page and send it to your partner or paste it into the ad by yourself.

After the campaign is launched, MyTracker will gather data on the number of clicks, impressions, and users brought in.

For more details, refer to the Campaign section

Data analysis

MyTracker provides all the necessary tools to analyze and process data: Reports, Builder, Funnels, and others. For more information about all tools, see the Analytics section.

Let's take a look at several reports for initial traffic analysis.


Select the section from the Reports menu to view tables and charts on Audience, Retention, Monetization.

By default, the reports show statistics on all traffic: both your own ad campaigns and VK Play traffic. Use filters Campaigns, Partners, Traffic type or go to the report builder by clicking

Traffic Acquisition, Events, Devices reports are not yet available for VK Play games


Select the Analytics → Builder menu to choose the metrics and dimensions you need.

VK Play has its own set of metrics — Platform users. The superscript letter p indicates these metrics.

To build a game report, use Dimensions, metrics Platform Users, and filters. For example:

For details, refer to Builder section

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