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SKAdNetwork guide for partners

Due to Apple's new policy, ad networks are forced to change their approach to attribution on iOS 14+ devices: Apple has offered its attribution tool — SKAdNetwork (SKAN) and forbid the use of IDFA without explicit user permission.

IDFA was the only iOS device identifier that did not change from app to app, widely used for mobile traffic attribution, retargeting, and analytics

To support SKAN attribution, advertising networks need:

  1. Register with Apple and get an ad network ID.
  2. Run campaign, receive and verify Apple postbacks.
  3. Pass SKAN data to advertisers (app owners).

For more details, refer to Apple documentation

MyTracker offer

MyTracker team is actively working on iOS & SKAdNetwork solutions and is ready to make it easier for ad networks:

  • Have a single entry point for transferring data across all advertisers. One protocol without having to configure the integration constantly. See the protocol
  • Optimize ad campaigns based on postbacks from app owners. Adjust the strategy according to conversions value and in-app events.
  • Engage more customers as an integrated MyTracker partner. Advertisers choose partners with seamless integration and SKAdNetwork support.

To get started with MyTracker, contact our support team

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