Purchase tracking

You can monetize the app with in-app purchases. It’s a one-time purchase, characterizing a user’s active interest, for example, the purchase of virtual currency, levels in the game, or bonuses.

MyTracker helps you assess the efficiency of the IAP (In-app Payment) model and optimize your solution:

  • provides data on user activity;
  • shows which product is more popular;
  • tracks conversion to a paying audience;
  • calculates total and average revenue per user, etc.

MyTracker can track purchases from the App Store and Google Play. Purchases from other stores you can upload via the S2S API as a custom revenue. To learn how to track different revenue types, see the Revenue tracking section.

Track data

  1. Configure in-app purchase tracking:
    • just install MyTracker SDK into the iOS, Flutter app, and payments will be automatically tracked;
    • use special API methods for Android and Unity Android. See the sections about Android and Unity SDK.
  2. Set up payment verification. MyTracker will check each payment and allow you to exclude fraud and test transactions from stats.

Done! Now you can track purchases into your app.

Also, you can track purchases using S2S API methods

Analyze data

MyTracker provides several ways to analyze and process data: Reports, Builder, templates, and Export API.


Select the menu Reports → Monetization to see the share of in-app payments in total revenue and compare ARPU calculations on in-app payments and subscriptions.


Select the Analytics → Builder menu to pick up the metrics and dimensions you need. Set the Revenue type → In-app payment filter to see the in-app payments stats. For instance, to estimate the amount of income that a particular product brings.


Through the menu Analytics → Templates, select Financial statement or Financial statement by traffic source and set the Other filters → Financial metrics → Revenue type → In-app payment.


Use API to export raw data and reports without a web interface. For information, refer to the Export API section

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