Campaign parameters

Any ad campaign parameter may be transmitted to your partner using a postback URL template.

Here is how this works for campaign parameters:

  1. Create all parameters on the Integration with partner page under Campaign parameters.
  2. Add relevant placeholders to the postback URL template.
  3. Specify parameter values to be used with a new campaign.

After that, postbacks will contain the values specified for that campaign.

Step-by-step instructions are provided below.

1. Create partner’s parameters

  1. Select the Marketing > Partners menu.
  2. Find the partner you need in the list and click on its name.
  3. Go to Campaign parameters on the partner’s page.
  4. Fill out the parameter name field. To add a new line to be filled out, click Add parameter. After filling out all fields, make sure to click Save.

2. Add placeholders to postbacks

Let us assume that you have added an sdk_key parameter for a partner, and want to use it in a postback. Go to Postbacks on your partner's page, find the postback you need, and click  to edit that postback.

...or click Add to create a new postback.

Under URL parameters fill out input fields in the bottom line:

  1. In the Parameter name field, enter the name provided by your partner (name of postback’s GET parameter).
  2. Select parameter type as mtpp_sdk_key (meaning "MyTracker partner parameter named sdk_key").
  3. Click Add in the relevant line.

Now the URL template should look like this:

After filling out all the fields, make sure to click Add/Save.

3. Set campaign-specific parameter values

Once you have completed Step 1 (Create partner’s parameters) and proceeded to create a campaign for the relevant partner, you will see a field that looks like this:

Enter the value provided by your partner here.

When sending postbacks for this campaign, the value you have specified will be inserted in the postback URL.

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