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Yandex Direct integration

Yandex Direct is a one-stop platform for posting contextual and display advertising in Yandex search results and other sites of the network.

Connect Yandex Direct accounts to your account in MyTracker, to collect data on clicks, impressions, and costs, to know how effective is advertising and find growth points of the traffic.

Yandex Direct is an integrated SKAN partner that sends data to MyTracker, including campaign results on iOS 14.5+. For more details, refer to the iOS & SKAdNetwork section.

How it works

Yandex Direct integration is API integration. MyTracker can use API queries to retrieve stats from the partner network if you provide an OAuth-token from your Yandex account. Once a day MyTracker will use the token when accessing the API to collect data on the number of clicks, impressions, and campaign costs.

Collected stats will be related to those MyTracker campaigns whose links are embedded in Yandex ads. If not, the campaign on MyTracker side will be automatically created under the name [Yandex Direct campaign id::link number] campaign name in Yandex Direct.

Automatically created campaigns do not contain tracking links, so MyTracker will not be able to link the user’s appearance with a click on Yandex advertising, and all installs will be attributed to the organic. To prevent this, we recommend using tracking links from MyTracker


  • In the integration with Yandex Direct, up to 10000 ad campaigns can be processed at a time. Data on any remaining campaigns will be collected with some delay.
  • Although an ad campaign can be associated with multiple applications in your MyTracker accounts, it will be linked only with one application selected at random.

Connecting account

  1. Sign in to Yandex Direct.
  2. In MyTracker, open the integration page.
  3. Select a MyTracker account containing apps you need.
  4. Click Link Yandex Direct account. If MyTracker does not yet have access to your Yandex account, you will be redirected to the Yandex OAuth server, where you will need to grant access. After some time, your Yandex Direct account with the sync status indicator will be displayed on the integration page. Account stats will appear within 24 hours.
  5. If you use the tracking link from MyTracker in Yandex Direct campaigns, you can skip this step and proceed to the analysis of campaign results. If you worked with Yandex links but wished to track the number of installs, ROI, LTV, and other metrics, then create a MyTracker’s tracking link:
    • In the campaign list find the automatically created campaign by name [Yandex Direct campaign id::link number] campaign name in Yandex Direct.
    • On the Tracking links tab add regular or smart tracking link.
    • Place the received Сlick or Impression URL in the Yandex Direct ad.


After the successful integration, MyTraсker will collect daily data on your active campaigns in Yandex Direct: clicks from partners, impressions, and campaign cost broken down into the campaign name, ad, day, and region.

To see the Yandex Direct stats:

  1. With Report builder in the Partners filter select Yandex Direct.
  2. Add a dimension by a Campaign. If you use tracking links from MyTracker, you can add more dimensions:
    • SubID Campaign (campaign ID);
    • SubID Network (source type ID: a search or an ad network);
    • SubID Ad Set (ad set ID);
    • SubID Creative (advertising ID).
  3. Yandex Direct provides aggregated data. Most dimensions (Device model, Placement, etc.) are not available for this data. For more details, refer to the Analytics section

  4. Make sure that Impressions, Clicks from Partner, and Campaign cost appear on the selector list.
  5. With tracking links from MyTracker you can see the number of clicks that led to the app installation, in addition to the number of clicks according to data from the Partner, as well as add metrics ROI, LTV, etc.

  6. Click Calculate.

Use SKAdNetwork metrics to analyze campaign results on iOS 14.5+. For more details, refer to the SKAN attribution section.

Events sending to Yandex Metrica

You can transfer events from your websites, mobile apps, and VK Play games to the Yandex Metrica for associating user actions with Yandex Direct ad clicks. For more details, see the Tracking conversions by yclid section.

Events sending to Yandex Metrica is possible only for events attributed to Yandex

To send events:

  1. In the Yandex Metrica counter, create a JavaScript-event goal, into which events will be sent, or use the one that was created earlier. For the Goal ID, the "matches" condition should be selected.
  2. In the Yandex Metrica counter, grant to the Yandex Direct account access permissions at the edit or own level — only with these permissions you can send events.
  3. Go to the integration page with Yandex Direct and make sure that your MyTracker account is connected to the Yandex Direct account.
  4. On the Events sending to Metrica tab, select the app for which you need to send events and the counter from the dropdown. The counters list will be downloaded from your Yandex account automatically.
  5. Select regular and custom events to send to Yandex Metrica and specify an identifier in the Goal in Metrica field. For more details, see the Sending postbacks section. To find the identifier, go to the Yandex Metrica interface > Your counter goals list > Column "Description".
  6. Click Save.

All received events will be displayed in Yandex Metrica the following day.


If you see no impressions, clicks from partner, and campaign cost data in a MyTracker report:

  • Make sure that the Yandex Direct integration page displays a successful link (highlighted in green) and the relevant accounts. It is possible that the name you used to link Yandex Direct has no access to the account. Try signing in to Yandex Direct using a different email and repeating the connecting steps (click Link in MyTracker once again).
  • Go to Yandex Direct and make sure that the Yandex Direct campaign has been launched and has fetched clicks.
  • If the campaign has been launched less than an hour ago, try waiting — Yandex Direct may come in with a delay.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team in any convenient way.

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