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Connecting VK Ads + myTarget to audiences

Connect the VK Ads + myTarget partner to an audience to send data for retargeting advertising campaigns. VK Ads + myTarget allows to send data in one of the following ways:

  • Ecosystem — audiences containing platform and device ID independent data, i.e. aggregated and unidentified data received with the help of ML-attribution, are sent to the ad space. This type allows to fine-tune retargeting campaigns and show more relevant ads to the target audience on any platform.
  • Standard — audiences containing only lists of device IDs are sent to the ad space. This type of data sending allows to configure retargeting campaigns only based on received identifiers; that can affect effectiveness and relevancy of a campaign.

Before connecting the audience to the partner, make sure that you configured VK Ads + myTarget integration with your MyTracker account.

Connecting VK Ads + myTarget

  1. On the Audiences List page, select the required audience.
  2. In the Sending to partners section, click Add partner integration.
  3. On the page that opens, in the Partner field, select VK Ads + myTarget.
  4. In the Account field, select the VK Ads + myTarget account you want to connect to the audience. If you do not have any connected partner accounts, click Add new account in the Login field and connect the VK Ads + myTarget account to your MyTracker account.
  5. In the Integration type field, select one of two types:
    • Ecosystem — the partner will receive the audience containing a list of users irrespective of device IDs and platforms (Android, iOS, Web);
    • Standard — the partner will receive the audience containing a list of device IDs of one or several platforms.
  6. If you select the standard integration type, in the opened Platforms field, select one or several platforms, those IDs you want to be sent to the partner.
  7. Click Add.

After you connected VK Ads + myTarget to an audience, it will be displayed in your VK Ads + myTarget account. The audience will be available only for those advertising campaigns that are linked to the selected account.

You can pause or resume audience transfer to VK Ads + myTarget using the and , respectively. Click to remove the integration.

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