If you have built a website on the WordPress platform, you can integrate the web counter automatically using the official MyTracker plugin.


  1. If not already, create web counter in MyTracker.
  2. In WordPress, install the MyTracker plugin.
  3. In the plugin settings, add the counter identifier in the Counter ID field. You can find the ID on the Web counter tab on your app page in MyTracker.
  4. Check the other plugin settings:
    • Domain. By default, the counter uses the RU domain. To track pageviews from regions where the VK services are not available, use the alternative COM domain.
    • Tracking user. You can collect user stats, not only device, if the option is enabled.
    • AMP Support. You can collect stats on AMP pages if the option is enabled.
  5. Click Save Changes.

The counter code will be placed on all pages of your site automatically. Web stats will appear in MyTracker within two hours.

Track events

To collect data on registrations and authorizations, add the MyTracker S2S API access key in the plugin settings:

To track custom events, use методы JavaScript methods.

  1. In the plugin settings, go to the API tab.
  2. In the App ID field, enter the application ID. You can find the idApp in the address bar on the app page in MyTracker.
  3. In the API Key field, enter the S2S API key from your MyTracker account. To learn how to get the key, see the S2S API authentication section.
  4. Check the other settings:
    • Tracking login.
    • Tracking registration.
    • Debugging API queries.
  5. Click Save Changes.

MyTracker will receive events through the S2S API. The delay can be one to two hours.

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