Insights is information about the interests and social status of your users. With insights you can build an effective marketing strategy, increase the appeal and value of the product.

MyTracker insights will help to:

  • create a profile of your audience;
  • set up advertising campaigns, focusing on users' education, employment, and hobbies;
  • adapt your content to changing interests of the audience.

Collecting insights

For insights, MyTracker collects aggregated and randomized data from social services accounts, search requests, and other data of VK users.

MyTracker is committed to the privacy and security of users' personal information. Insights cannot be used to identify a specific device or user.

Analyzing insights

Use insights as a marketing tool. For example, to find out whether users watch TV and whether to run TV ads, analyze interest categories and add popular content to your product.

Social and demographic data

To analyze social and demographic data, use diagrams in reports Insights and dimensions in Builder:

  • Higher education
  • Employment
  • Family status
  • TV watching
  • Parental status

In reports Insights, you will find charts for categories Employment and Higher education. The diagrams show the share of your users with a higher education, how many users are employed, and the share of unemployed users.

To get a detailed report, go to Builder and use dimensions Geo & Demography. For example, check how often the users who bring in the most revenue are watching TV.


To explore user interests, use the Insights report.

Dynamics of change in interests

Dynamics of change in interests

Use the Insights → Dynamics of change in interests report to analyze how the interests of your audiences are changing. The diagram displays the 5 most popular categories for each day/week/month.

Use the drop-down list to change the data sample:

  • Audience — users active during the report period.
  • New audience — users engaged during the report period.
  • Audience by event — users who reached the selected event in the report period. Available only with the Event filter.

Audience interests

Explore the interests of your users via the Insights → Audience Interests report. The table displays how many users are interested in a particular category and theme. For example, the Finance category and the Banking services interest.

The report includes the data on your audiences:

  • Active audience — number of users active in the report period.
  • New audience — number of users engaged in the report period.
  • Audience by event — number of users who reached the selected event in the report period. Available only with the Event filter.
  • Events — how many times users completed the selected event in the report period. Available only with the Event filter.

The sum of all categories can exceed the number of the active and new audience in your project, because the user may have several interests.

Filter by interests

To view stats on user with specific interests, use Other filters → Geo & Demography: Interest category and Interest in the Builder.

For example, check the session duration among users with interest in the Health category.

Event insights

Use reports Insights to view stats on users who have completed a specific action in your app or website.

Set the Event filter. In the result, all charts and graphs will show the data for the audience, that reached the event in the selected report period.

If you select more than one event, the report will include data that matches at least one of the events.

An event can be any custom event

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