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Funnel export

You can export the funnel in the CSV file to get a list of identifiers of the specific audience. For example, it can be IDs of users who purchased a subscription or who did not confirm a registration.

Only account owners and users with the granted export permission can export funnels from the account. For details, see User management.

Export by conversion and churn rate

You can export the funnel by both a conversion and a churn.

Using conversion export, you can increase the number of users going through the entire funnel. For example, having received the identifiers of users who went through all the steps of the funnel «Registration → Email confirmation → Buying a monthly subscription», you can send them a promotional email with an annual subscription.

Using churn rate export, you can attract departed users back to your product. For example, send a follow-up letter to users who completed the first step «Registration» of the funnel, but did not complete the second step «Email confirmation» to ask them to confirm their email.

Export procedure

  1. From the funnels list select the funnel and click Export funnel on the page that opens.
  2. Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the funnel cannot be exported if it includes personal user data: gender, age

  3. Select Export type:
    • Conversion — the export file will contain users' or devices' identifiers that moved to the selected funnel step.
    • Churn rate — the export file will contain users' or devices' identifiers that did not move from one selected funnel step to another.
  4. Select a Step of the funnel to export conversion or an Initial step and a Final step to export churn rate. For the conversion export, the default funnel step is set to the end step, you can change it by selecting another one in the drop-down list. To export churn, select the funnel steps as shown in the picture below. The initial and the final steps of the export do not have to be the first and the last steps of the funnel. You can select any step from those available in the drop-down list.
  5. Set up a file.
  6. Click Export funnel.

Set up export file

  1. Select Identifiers for the export. The list of available segments depends on the audience type:
    Funnel by devices
    idApp App identifier in MyTracker
    idProfile Device identifier in the app. It defines a pair of app+individual device
    gaid Android advertising identifier (advertisingId)
    idfa iOS advertising identifier
    oaid Huawei advertising identifier
    Funnel by users
    idProject Project identifier in MyTracker
    idProjectUser User identifier in the project. It defines a pair of project + user (idProject + CustomUserId)
    CustomUserID User identifier sent via SDK. It defines an individual user
    By default, all identifiers are selected, as shown in the picture below.
  2. Turn on the Remove headers option if you need to exclude column headers from the file. The column header is the first row with IDs names.
  3. In the Register section, select the required configuration:
    • Do not modify (default) — identifiers will be exported in the register they have when entered the system.
    • Common — identifiers will remain in the register recommended by the device manufacturer: IDFA — upper case, GAID — lower case, OAID — lower case.
    • Lower case — lower case will be applied to identifiers.
    • Upper case — upper case will be applied to identifiers.

    The case setting only applies to IDFA, GAID, OAID

  4. Select Hashing MD5 or SHA-256 algorithm for IDs conversion when exporting the funnel or leave the default selection. Hashing is available for the following identifiers:
    • IDFA;
    • GAID;
    • OAID;
    • CustomUserID.

    Other identifiers remain unhashed.

  5. Use the Maximum size per file field, if you want to export a funnel into multiple files of a particular size. The unpacked size of each export file will be the same as the size specified in the field. Set the file size between 10 and 4 095 MB to split the export into multiple files.

Export result

As a result, you will get a CSV file inside the ZIP-archive containing multiple files. If the file is too large, we will send you an email with a link to the file.

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