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SKAdNetwork settings

SKAdNetwork settings allow you to configure to receive and send direct SKAN postbacks from Apple:

  • use the MyTracker domain to get information on winning conversions on iOS 15+ devices
  • control the receipt of SKAN data (by the time of the last postback)

Postbacks from Apple contain raw data on conversions made as a result of ad campaigns on iOS 15+ devices. MyTracker allows you to combine this data with information from ad networks and other iOS devices to give you all the data you need to analyze engaged audience.

For more information about Apple's privacy policy and MyTracker solutions see the iOS & SKAdNetwork section

Accept SKAN Postbacks

Verify you application in MyTracker to start accepting SKAN Postbacks. If the application is not verified, this parameter will be disabled, and MyTracker can not accept SKAdNetwork data.

For more information on how to vetify your application, see the Application verification section

SKAN Postbacks domain

The MyTracker domain for receiving SKAN signals from Apple is selected automatically after you add the iOS app.

You can use this domain to receive direct SKAN signals from Apple, or use your own domain, by configuring data transfer to MyTracker.

For more information on how to support the reception SKAN postbacks from Apple, see the SKAN postbacks from Apple section

Last SKAN Postback time

The last SKAN postback time is updated each time a SKAN signal is sent to the MyTracker domain. This parameter can be used to confirm that the domain is configured correctly and monitor the receipt of SKAdNetwork data.

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