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Integration status

You can check the integration status after connecting MyTracker. Use the status information as a checklist: make sure data is transferred to the system, or fix identified problems for full statistics collection.

Integration status is available for websites, iOS and Android apps.

Check conditions

There are two types of conditions in the integration status check: mandatory and recommended. For some conditions, MyTracker checks whether settings are enabled in the interface, and for most conditions, checks whether data has been received in the last 30 days. Possible condition statuses:

    Data has been received within the last 24 hours for the condition checked.
    Data has been received within the last 30 days, but not within the last 24 hours. Next to the status, you will see the date the latest data was received.
    No data has been received within the last 30 days.

To see detailed information about the check, click on the condition row in the interface.

For iOS and Android platforms, you can check the integration status for multiple versions of the app. These are the versions with the largest number of new devices, which you can toggle between in the interface.

Mandatory conditions

Mandatory conditions are conditions without which integration is not possible. MyTracker checks that the web counter or mobile SDK is connected, that their versions are up to date, and that the security form for the apps is filled out correctly.

For websites

For mobile apps

If you meet the recommended conditions, you will receive advanced data about the actions of your website or app users.

For websites

For mobile apps

Debug mode

MyTracker might receive data about the integration status with a delay of up to 2 hours. Additionally, you can test the web counter or SDK by enabling the debug mode.

For web counter

In the browser address bar, add the parameter ?tmr_debug=1 to your website URL, load the page, and open the developer console in the browser. The counter works correctly if the console displays information about the counter number and the action on the page. Possible actions:

Action Example in the console Description
Page view [TopMailRu][1111111]: Page view { url: "https://example.com/?tmr_debug=1" } View page https://example.com with counter with id=1111111
Reach goal [TopMailRu][1111111]: Reach goal { goal: "RegisterButtonPress" } (value is empty) Reach the custom event (goal). In the example, the custom event is clicking the register button, the value of the event is not specified.
setUserID [TopMailRu]: Global user ID = 11c1a1f1001f1221fd11c1d1c12121112 Set the user identifier. Once set, the ID will be transferred together with events.
OnReady callback [TopMailRu][1111111]: OnReady callback Call the callback function after initializing the counter code

For example, viewing a page and reaching a custom event looks like this:

For mobile SDK

Enable DebugMode. Learn more for iOS, Android, Unity, Flutter.

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