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Audiences is a tool that allows you to send lists of device identifiers with common features to advertising partners automatically. With the help of audiences, you can set up targeting advertising campaigns that can help you to attract new audiences, increase the current audiences involvement, and re-attract lost audiences.

Before you start working with audiences, add a segment with the necessary device parameters. For more information on how to work with segments, see the Segments section.

Add an audience

  1. On the Audiences list page, click Add.
  2. Fill out the form:
    • Title* — the name of the audience that will be displayed in the MyTracker lists.
    • Account — the account to which the audience will be added. For more details, see the Account section.
    • Segment* — the segment used for the audience basis.

    * — required fields.

  3. Click Add.

After you created the audience, add the partner integration to start sending the audience automatically.

Audience statistics

After you created the audience, stats on it will be added to the Statistics block. The Audience axis displays the total audience size calculated for a certain period. The New Audience axis displays the number of new device IDs added to the total audience list during the specified time period.

For example, the Audience axis shows 1 841 devices — the number of devices calculated as of August 6th. After the first update, the New audience axis shows 200 devices — that means for tha last 24 hours 200 device IDs were added to the total audience list. The Audience axis turned out to be on the 2 000 scale — that means 159 new devices, matched the parameters configured in the segment, were added to the audience and 41 mismatched devices were excluded.

MyTracker automatically updates the data in the audience once a day.

Send an audience to partners

Add the partner and additional information for it to start sending lists of device IDs for advertising campaigns. The type of additional information depends on the selected partner.

Connection with the VK Ads + myTarget partner allows you to send data based on device IDs or platfrom independent

Sending status

After you added the partner integration, you can track the activity of sending the audience to the partner by its status:

  • Active — the audience updating is active, and data is sending to the partner.
  • Active — the audience updating is active, but an error occurred during the data sending to the partner.
  • Active — the audience updating is active, but the sending of the last version of data is postponed until the previous data is sent.
  • Stopped — the audience updating is stopped because the user stopped the data sending to the partner.

In the Details column, click to get more information:

  • Partner account;
  • External audience ID;
  • Last status;
  • Last sent date;
  • Last successfully sent date;
  • Partner connection date;
  • Error details.

Stop sending

You can pause or resume the integration by clicking or , respectively.

For the audience with the Stopped status, MyTracker saves the partner integration ID. This means after you resume sending the audience, MyTracker continues to send new lists of device IDs to the same integration ID without losing the previously sent lists.

If you stop sending the audience to the partner, MyTracker continues updating lists of device IDs in it.

Delete an integration

You can remove the integration by clicking .

MyTracker allows you to add the same partner to the audience multiple times after removing the integration. However, the integration will be considered new and assigned to a new ID on the partner's side. Information on the previously sent lists of device IDs will be unavailable.

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