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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to manage all your website tags: code fragments, tracking pixels, etc. With GTM, you can integrate MyTracker counter without manually editing code.

The instruction below implies that you have already added the GTM script to all pages on your website where you plan to track user activity. For details refer to the Google Tag Manager documentation


  1. In Google Tag Manager click on Add a new tag.
  2. Specify the tag name, then click on the block Tag configuration and select the Custom HTML type.
  3. Into the HTML field copy a counter code from MyTracker. To learn how to get code see the section Web counter.
  4. In the Triggering block select the All pages trigger to activate code execution on all pages of your website.
  5. Click Save. From now on, MyTracker will gather basic data on your website (new users, number of sessions, pageviews, and attributes).

Track events

Add a tag to each event/goals that you plan to track (e.g. registration, authorization, adding products to basket, etc.):

  1. Create a new trigger that will activate the tag. You can skip this step if you use the triggers already created. Find the list of triggers and the Create button on the Triggers page in the Google Tag Manager interface.
  2. Trigger defines a rule at which GTM activates a tag (e.g. when viewing a page)

  3. Repeat integration steps, while doing so:
    • into the HTML field copy relevant event code from the section Track goals section;
    • in the Triggering block select the trigger created for the event.

As a result, MyTracker will receive data on website events.

In addition to devices stats, you can get stats per registered user. Simply pass user ID with each tracked event. For details, refer to the Track user section

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