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Petal Ads (Huawei) integration

Petal Ads is a service to advertise your app on AppGallery, Huawei Video, Huawei Music, and on other ecosystem product and integrated partners. The service provides diverse popular ad formats and 700 million monthly active users.

Integration with MyTracker allows you to track the number of engaged audience, stats on a campaign, and measure its effectiveness.

App tracking

To track stats, you need a Petal Ads identifier — link ID. MyTracker uses this identifier in API queries to get the data needed to attribute installs and registrations to Petal Ads.

To set up tracking for an app, you need to create a link ID in Petal Ads, add it to MyTracker.

  1. In Petal Ads, associate your app with MyTracker:
    • In the partner interface, go to Tools → Delivery assistance → Analytics association and click New.
    • On the page displayed, select your app from the drop-down list.
    • In the Tool provider field, enter MyTracker, leave other fields blank.
    • Click Submit. The system generates the identifier (link ID) you need to link MyTracker and Petal Ads.
  2. In MyTracker, on the Petal Ads integration page, select your app and enter the identifier in the Petal Ads link ID field. Click Save.

Done! Before launching an advertising campaign, test the integration on a test conversion. For details, refer to the partner's documentation.

Connecting account

To collect data on clicks from partner, impressions, and campaign costs, connect your MyTracker account to your Petal Ads account:

  1. In MyTracker, open the integration page with Petal Ads.
  2. On the Connected accounts tab, select the MyTracker account to integrate with a partner.
  3. Click Sign in with Petal Ads.

After a while, the Petal Ads account with the sync status will be displayed on the integration page. Account stats will be displayed within 24 hours.

MyTracker collects data on clicks from partner, impressions, and campaign costs if app tracking is configured.


After successful integration, MyTracker will collect data on on engaged audiences and the list of campaigns, that resulted in app installs and registrations. Also, you can track stats on your active campaigns: impressions, clicks, and campaign costs.

MyTracker will automatically generate entries for partner campaigns with tracked data, labelled [Petal Ads campaign ID] Campaign name in Petal Ads. They are not editable, but may be used to report stats.

To evaluate the Petal Ads advertising stats:

  1. In the Report Builder, in the Partners filter, select Petal Ads.
  2. Add the Campaign dimension and select the Impressions, Campaign cost, and Clicks from Partner metrics to see the results of advertising campaigns.
  3. Additionally, you can add sections by traffic sources:
    • SubID Campaign (campaign id);
    • SubID Creative (creative id);
    • SubID Ad Set (ad task id);
    • SubID Network (publisher id);
    • SubID 1 (creative name);
    • SubID 2 (campaign name);
    • SubID 3 (ad type, for example, banner or video);
    • SubID 5 (name of the ad task).
  4. Click Calculate.


If you see no Petal Ads stats in MyTracker:

If you have any questions, please contact our support team in any convenient way.

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