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Ad accounts

Connect the advertiser's account to collect statistics on VK Ads campaigns. Data on the number of impressions and advertising costs allows you to evaluate traffic efficiency, app conversions, and ROI.


In MyTracker, you can select one of the existing possibilities to track the audience, attracted by the VK Ads ad campaigns:

Tracking links

You can use common MyTracker Click and Impression URL for web and mobile attribution:

  1. Create the ad campaign in MyTracker.
  2. Add the tracking link to the campaign.
  3. Use the tracking link in the VK Ads advertising. You can copy this link on the tracking link view page and add to the advertisement.

Learn more in the Tracking section.

SKAdNetwork attribution (iOS)

Starting with v2.1.2 of the SDK, MyTracker supports automatic acquisition of aggregated SKAdNetwork data for install attribution on iOS 14.5+.


MyTracker integrates with VK Ads via API. With the help of API requests, MyTracker collects statistics from the partner's network if you provide an access token to advertising data. Every 6 hours, MyTracker will use the token when accessing the API to acquire data on impressions, clicks and costs of campaigns, and banners.

MyTracker provides two ways for integration — with an already launched campaign in VK Ads, and without it.


If you already have a campaign in VK Ads, then after you configured the integration, the analogue search in MyTracker will be performed; if there is no analogue of the campaign, then MyTracker will create it automatically along with the tracking link. After that, you will view statistics on costs, clicks, and impressions, including historical data.

To receive data on installs, first site visits, and attracted audience statistics, use MyTracker tracking links in VK Ads banners.

Data on campaign events without tracking links transferred to VK Ads banners will be included into organic.


To acquire data on campaign events, create a campaign and a banner in VK Ads using the tracking link from MyTracker. See the Tracking Links section for more details.

To collect statistics on impressions, campaign cost and clicks, configure the VK Ads integration in MyTracker. MyTracker will automatically detect that the campaign has an analogue in VK Ads and load data for the last 2 weeks.

Integration configuration

To configure the integration:

  1. In MyTracker, on the Ad accounts page, select the MyTracker Account for the partner integration. If integration with VK Ads is already connected to the selected MyTracker account, you will see the list of linked partner accounts, their types, and statuses.
  2. Before setting up integration, make sure that you are logged into VK Ads with the correct account

  3. Click Link VK Ads account.
  4. If you are logged in to the agency account in VK Ads, then on the Access and permissions tab, select a client account to connect to:

  5. Click Allow access.

After the successful integration, the Ad accounts tab will display information about the type and status of the connected VK Ads account.

You can delete integration at any time. Deleting integration will not affect the integrity of the already received data, but new campaign data acquisition and synchronization between account and campaign will be stopped.


After you connected the integration, MyTracker receives additional statistics on VK Ads campaigns — the number of clicks, impressions, and the cost of the ad placement.

To evaluate the results of campaigns, build a report in MyTracker:

  1. In the Report builder, in the Partners filter, select VK Ads + myTarget.
  2. Add the Impressions, Campaign cost, Clicks, and New Devices metrics to see the results of your ad campaigns.
  3. Additionally, you can add sections by traffic sources:
    • SubID Campaign (campaign ID);
    • SubID Creative (ad ID);
    • Sub ID 2;
    • SubID 3.
  4. Click Calculate.

Sending postbacks

To optimize advertising campaigns: increase the number of conversions and traffic quality, you can send information about any events within the application and incoming payments to VK Ads.

To send events to a partner, on the Events sending tab, you need to specify the App ID.

App ID is a unique app identifier for data connection between VK Ads and MyTracker. You receive an App ID the moment you connect the app to VK Ads. You can find an App ID in your VK Ads account in the Apps section. You will only need to specify an App ID in MyTracker once, when you first connect a partner, to confirm ownership of the app.

MyTracker sends information about the Install event automatically. The status of the Install event on the VK Ads side will change to Installed after the system receives 10 conversions from MyTracker.

For more details, see the Sending postbacks section


If you can not receive detailed statistics for VK Ads campaigns in MyTracker reports:

If you have any questions, please contact our support team in any convenient way.

See also VK Ads instructions on how to integrate accounts, track campaigns, and set up in-app events.

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