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Ecommerce reports

Once you enable Ecomm analytics, you can analyze detailed electronic commerce reports:

  • total sales, revenue and losses for a month, week, or specific day;
  • brands and product categories most popular with customers;
  • seasons and regions with more returns;
  • advertising that leads to the most profitable orders and the promotions' effect on sales.

You can analyze data using the Ecommerce dashboard and special metrics and dimensions placed in the Ecommerce folders in the Builder.

Statuses of orders and products

Order statuses can be tracked by Ecommerce reports. On the graphs, you can see the actual number of orders placed, paid for, or canceled.

The status of an order depends on the status of the individual products in it:

  • Paid — orders in which all products are paid for. Some products can be canceled or returned.
  • Pending payment — orders that have unpaid products.
  • Canceled — orders in which all products have been canceled or returned.

The statuses of individual products can be used when creating reports in the Builder. For example, use the Product status dimension to view the number of products with different statuses as well as received, expected, and lost revenues.

Revenue from orders and products

By default, Ecommerce reports show the revenue in the currency selected in your MyTracker profile. You can change currencies in the dashboard filters or in the Builder settings if needed.

Revenues from orders are presented in the Ecommerce dashboard reports:

  • Received — the total sum for orders in the Paid status.
  • Expected — the total sum for orders in the Pending payment status.
  • Lost — the total sum for orders in the Canceled status.

Revenues for individual products can be viewed in the Builder using metrics:

  • Ecomm revenue — the total sum for all paid products.
  • Ecomm expected revenue — the total sum for all unpaid but ordered products.
  • Ecomm lost revenue — the total sum for all unpaid and returned products.

For example, monitor how revenue changes by product variety.

Orders and Revenues by Source

Use the Orders and Revenues by Source report to evaluate ad campaigns. The report shows results for individual advertising partners.

By default, the report shows data on the number of orders. Click Revenues to view profits and losses from each partner.

Order analysis

The Order analysis report provides detailed stats on advertising channels, order location, customer categories, and devices.

By default, the report shows data by ad partners, but you can choose any other dimension. For example, to view stats by customer gender, select Another dimension → Geo and Demography → Gender.

Product analysis

You can view data on the most popular products, the number of returned units, and the sum of revenue and losses for individual products in the Report builder.

For example, see which brands are most popular with customers and bring in the most revenue.

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