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Tariffs are one of the ways to calculate the cost of an ad campaign. The cost of campaigns is calculated automatically based on the ad pricing model tied to it.

Each campaign can be assigned with any number of ad prices. They determine the cost of the campaign according to their rules and in accordance with the settings. Ad pricing models have a finite existence and their set can change for a campaign.

If a specific correction is necessary of the campaign cost (fines, bonuses, contractual costs, etc.) then a correction mechanism is used. Any number of adjustments can be made for a campaign. The total cost of the campaign is the sum of ad pricing model costs and corrections made.

Tariffs are not yet available for VK Mini Apps. Learn more

Types of ad pricing models

Cost Per Action (CPA)

You can determine the action and rate. Payment is made when the target action has been completed:

  • Install
  • Re-install
  • Re-engagements
  • First payment
  • Custom event

Note that only Re-engagements is relevant for a web application.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

You can determine rate per click.

Cost Per Mille (CPM)

You can determine rate per mille. The number of impressions to be charged is not rounded to thousands. Instead, the specified rate reduced by a thousand times is applied to each impression.

Revenue Share

Payment as a % of profit from user and can be time limited. You can determine the % value and the time period.


No automatic cost calculation of the campaign is made with this ad pricing model. Such option is only needed to highlight that the campaign is paid.

Add tariff

  1. In the campaigns list choose the one to which you need to add tariffs.
  2. On the Tariffs tab, click Add.
  3. Fill out the form:
    • Tariff type * — one of CPA, CPC, CPM, Revenue Share or Other
    • Start date * — when the pricing model starts.
    • End date — when the pricing model stops (optional). Traffic received after tariff expiration will not be charged.
    • Currency * — required for CPA. Defines currency in which rate for target action will be defined.
    • Custom event * — required if Cost per custom is selected. Defines custom events for which the specified tariff rate is applied. For example, adding to cart, registering for a test drive, and so on.
    • Time period * — required if Revenue Share is selected. (Payments can be made even after time period ends.) Defines period (since install) during which revenue share tariff will be applied to user payments.
    • Applications — apps for which the tariff will apply.
    • Countries — none selected by default. If country is not selected, rate will be used worldwide. If you select the Exclude selected checkbox, than this tariff will not be used in these countries.
    • Rate * — ad pricing model rate. Either percent of partner share from user payments (if Revenue Share tariff type was selected) or rate for target action achievement (in case if CPA and other tariff type was selected).
    • Description — optional.

    * — required fields.

  4. Click Add.
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