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Calculated metrics

Calculated metrics is a tool that allows you to create your own metrics in MyTracker using standard metrics, numbers, and simple mathematical operations.

Calculated metrics give you new options for data analysis without leaving the MyTracker interface:

  • Use specific metrics in the Report builder and Templates. For example, the Retention metric may be a number, not a percentage.
  • Add new metrics to your reports. For example, cost per user return on the seventh day.
  • Share metrics with your teams.

Metrics list

You can find the list of calculated metrics using menu Analytics → Calculated metrics. From here, you can edit the metrics, add new ones, and organize metrics into folders.

Also, you can find metrics in the Report builder on the Calculated metrics tab, where each metric is marked with the symbol  and located in the same folders as in the calculated metrics list (empty folders are not displayed in the Report builder).

You should distinguish between metrics created by you and metrics created by other MyTracker users:

  • Own metrics (created by you) are available to you in the report builder and the list of calculable metrics. You can edit your own metrics by clicking .
  • External metrics (created by another user) are available to you only in the report builder via direct link from MyTracker users. You can save external metric by clicking  to use in reports as your own.

The button  also marks the deleted calculated metrics. They are available only in previously created reports by direct link like external metrics.

How to share a metric

To share your own calculated metrics with other MyTracker users:

  1. Calculate the report with your metrics in Builder. You can Select a metric from the list on the Calculated metrics tab or find the metric by clicking Search.
  2. Copy a link to the finished report from your browser address bar and pass it on to your colleague.

Your colleague will be able to save the metric and use it in their reports as well. Your metric and your colleague's metric will not be linked, i.e., editing a metric on the colleague's side will not cause your metric to change and vice versa.

How to save external metric

To save a calculated metric shared with you by a MyTracker user:

  1. Go to the link that MyTracker shared with you.
  2. Click  next to the metric you need to save.
  3. Edit the metric and click Save. We recommend that you change the metric's title, not to confuse your own metric with the metric of a colleague.
  4. For more details, refer to the Creating calculated metrics section

You can now use the metric in your own reports. The saved metric will appear in the Calculated metrics list and in Builder.

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