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Protocol decryption

The encrypted protocol file used to send events to MyTracker. A mobile app developer can decrypt the file and test if the MyTracker SDK is configured correctly in an application and if the following events are being sent properly:

  • Registration event
  • Login event
  • Invite event
  • Level up event
  • Any user defined event with a custom name
  • Following a deeplink event

For details, refer to the iOS, Android, Unity, Flutter sections.

This tool is available only for users with the Developer tools permission. For details, refer to the User management section.

Decrypt protocol

  1. In the application list, select the application, for which you need to decrypt a protocol file.
  2. On the Protocol decryption tab, click Add.
  3. On the Add decryption task page, upload the decrypted protocol file with the request body containing the event. The request body should not contain any headings and operation information.
  4. Click Decrypt.

To decrypt the file correctly, upload it only to the application, the SDK key of which is contained in the file. If the file is sent from the Android app, it is impossible to decrypt it for the iOS app.

Decryption result

After you uploaded the file to MyTracker, the page with decryption tasks opens. On this page, you can track the decrypting process and receive error messages.

Decrypting process might take up to one minute. To update the decryption status, refresh the page.

Click the icon next to the required task or the filename to view the decryption results. The Decrypted protocol field will display the following parameters:

  • Event type
  • Timestamp
  • Event parameter
  • Event name

Compare this list with the list from the task for correct events sending. If the lists match together, that means MyTracker SDK is configured correctly and events are being sent properly.

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