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MyTracker provides tools for analyzing online stores and other Ecommerce services:

  • collecting data on order placement, product additions, and partial and full returns;
  • tracking product and order statuses;
  • reports on pending, received, and lost revenues;
  • detailed product stats: brand, affiliation, category, variant, name;
  • reports by traffic source, country, and date;
  • support for Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica structures.

Ecommerce analytics is only available for websites for now, but we will soon support iOS and Android platforms.

Setting up


To enable Ecommerce analytics, you may need help from your website developer:

  1. Install the web counter on your site using plugins or manually.
  2. Create the Data Layer.
  3. Configure data transfer to MyTracker.
  4. Enable Ecommerce event tracking.

If you have already configured the transfer of events to Google Analytics or Yandex Metrics via Data Layer, it is enough to enable event tracking in MyTracker

See the Setting up Ecommerce section for detailed instructions.

Use S2S API methods to transfer events that are not tracked on the site. For example, changing the order status in the site administration panel, order management system, or CRM system.

Mobile apps

To transfer orders placed in mobile apps, use the S2S API.

Tracking via SDK will be supported later.


To analyze Ecommerce data, MyTracker provides a dashboard with order and revenue reports. In the report builder, you can use special metrics and dimensions for product analytics.

For details, refer to the Ecomm reports section.

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