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Funnel analysis

To analyze the calculated funnel, click on its name in the funnels list. The funnel calculation result in MyTracker can be presented in the form of a chart or a summary table, and also shown in the status. You can edit and duplicate the funnel, as well as export it's data.


The calculation status and the final conversion of the funnel are displayed both in the funnels list and on the funnel view page. For example, in the picture below:

  • 5.62 % is the final conversion, percentage of the audience that completes all funnel steps. The conversion rate status only changes when the calculation is saved.
  • 8 579 of 152 553 means 152 553 users made the first funnel step, and 8 579 of these 152 553 users made all funnel steps. This can be the number of users or the physical devices, depending on the audience type in the funnel. Learn more
  • 14 Oct. 2023 is the date of the latest calculation.

The calculation status can be as follows:

  • Calculation in progress — the funnel is being calculated;
  • Calculation stopped — you forcibly stopped the calculation;
  • Not calculated — the funnel of another MyTracker user, who stopped the calculation;
  • Calculation error — an error occurred during the calculation. Try adding filters, changing the grouping, or reducing the number of steps.


Funnel conversion shows the share of users who have completed some actions on the site or in the app. The conversion rate is displayed on the MyTracker chart and table at each funnel step, as a percentage and as a number.


Absolute conversion shows what share of users moves from the first step of the funnel to the target step. Absolute conversion in the first step is always 100%. With each subsequent step, MyTracker shows the share of the users from that 100% who completed the subsequent action.

For example, in pictures below, out of 39 113 users, only 9 976 (26%) made a purchase.


Relative conversion shows what share of users moves from one step of the funnel to the next. Relative conversion in the first step is always 100%. With each subsequent step, the share of users who completed the subsequent action is shown relative to the previous step. Conversion results comparison between steps allows you to identify areas in the product that require optimization.

For example, in pictures below, out of 12 538 second step users, 9 976 (80%) third step users made a purchase.


The data grouping allows you to compare conversions for different groups of users or by various traffic sources. For example, you can group data by apps on multiple platforms, by the gender of the audience, or by ad campaigns. Each group will be marked with a different color on the chart.

You can switch to the table view and in the Total table line you can see the final conversion for the whole funnel without groups.

Untracked values are assigned to the Unknown group. For example, due to user privacy settings, geo-blocking, and so on.

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