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The terms "Root" and "Jailbreak" refer to gaining extended rights and control over a mobile device's operating system. Jailbreak refers to the iOS operating system, while root access refers to Android. The user gains access to settings and features that are not normally available. Extended rights come with certain risks, such as voiding the device warranty, compromising system stability, and increasing vulnerability to malicious programs.

You can export raw data from MyTracker and use the Root/Jailbreak dictionary to filter the device list or decrypt the uploaded values.

The table below shows possible parameter values. They indicate whether Jailbreak or root access has been detected on the device. Regardless of the operating system, the value Rooted indicates the presence of extended rights, while the value Non rooted indicates their absence.

Passed value Title
0 Unknown
1 Rooted
2 Not rooted

You can also identify a rooted device by using the Fraud Scanner tool

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