Request to create report

Create a request to export report.

Input data



To get data for multiple filters, use square brackets 'idApp[]': [1, 2, 3] or separate values by commas 'idApp': '1,2,3'.

Name Value Description Note
fileType csv or xlsx

For example: fileType=xlsx
File format CSV by default
settings * Values array Array with all report settings
settings[filter] * Values array Array with all filters Array key is a filter name
settings[filter][date] * Values array Filter by date interval
settings[filter][date][from] * Date

For example: settings[filter][date][from]=2020-11-30 for one interval


settings[filter][date][0][from]=2020-11-30&settings[filter][date][1][from]=2020-12-30 for multiple intervals
Filter by date, from which the export begins Cannot be less than 1970-01-01; cannot be more than the current date; must not be more than settings[filter][date][to]
settings[filter][date][to] * Date

For example: settings[filter][date][to]=2020-12-30 for one interval


settings[filter][date][0][to]=2020-11-30&settings[filter][date][1][to]=2020-12-30 for multiple intervals
Filter by date to which the export complete Cannot be more than the current date; must not be less than settings[filter][date][from]
settings[filter][dimension] Values array Filter by dimensions Array key is a filter name
settings[filter][dimension][idApp][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idApp][value][]=1
Filter by application
settings[filter][dimension][idPartner][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idPartner][value][]=1
Filter by partner
settings[filter][dimension][idCampaign][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idCampaign][value][]=1
Filter by campaign
settings[filter][dimension][idTrafficType][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idTrafficType][value][]=1
Filter by traffic type
settings[filter][dimension][idAd][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idAd][value][]=1
Filter by tracking link
settings[filter][dimension][idAppStoreCleaned][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idAppStoreCleaned][value][]=1
Filter by installs services
settings[filter][dimension][idAccount][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idAccount][value][]=1
Filter by account
settings[filter][dimension][idProject][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idProject][value][]=1
Filter by project
settings[filter][dimension][idAdMediator][value] Integer array from the Ad mediators dictionary

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idAdMediator][value][]=1
Filter by ad mediator
settings[filter][dimension][idAdEventType][value] Integer array from the Attribution type dictionary

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idAdEventType][value][]=1
Filter by attribution type
settings[filter][dimension][idCountry][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idCountry][value][]=1
Filter by country
settings[filter][dimension][idRegion][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idRegion][value][]=1
Filter by region
settings[filter][dimension][idCity][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idCity][value][]=1
Filter by city
settings[filter][dimension][idAgeInterval][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idAgeInterval][value][]=18
Filter by age Available value:
17 — 1-17
18 — 18-24
25 — 25-34
35 — 35-44
45 — 45-54
55 — 55-64
65 — 65+
settings[filter][dimension][idGender][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idGender][value][]=1
Filter by gender Available value:
1 — male
2 — female
settings[filter][dimension][idManufacturerCleaned][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idManufacturerCleaned][value][]=1
Filter by manufacturer
settings[filter][dimension][idOsFamily][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idOsFamily][value][]=1
Filter by OS Available value:
1 — others
2 — Android
3 — iOS
4 — Windows
5 — Linux
6 — MacOS
7 — TV
settings[filter][dimension][idDeviceModelCleaned][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idDeviceModelCleaned][value][]=1
Filter by device model
settings[filter][dimension][idMobileTelecomBrand][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idMobileTelecomBrand][value][]=1
Filter by mobile telecom brand
settings[filter][dimension][attStatus][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][attStatus][value][]=1
Filter by ATT Status Learn more Available value:
0 — Unknown
1 — Not determined
2 — Restricted
3 — Denied
4 — Authorized
settings[filter][dimension][idBrowser][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idBrowser][value][]=1
Filter by browser
settings[filter][dimension][idConnectionType][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idConnectionType][value][]=1
Filter by connection type Available value:
1 — mobile
2 — Wi-Fi
settings[filter][dimension][bluetoothEnabled][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][bluetoothEnabled][value][]=1
Filter by bluetooth
settings[filter][dimension][adTrackingEnabled][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][adTrackingEnabled][value][]=1
Filter by ad tracking
settings[filter][dimension][idOsDeviceType][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idOsDeviceType][value][]=1
Filter by device type Available value:
1 — others
2 — smartphones
3 — computers
4 — TV sets
settings[filter][dimension][idOsTimezone][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idOsTimezone][value][]=1
Filter by OS timezone
settings[filter][dimension][idOsLang][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idOsLang][value][]=1
Filter by OS language
settings[filter][dimension][rooted][value] Integer array from the Root/Jailbreak dictionary

For example: settings[filter][dimension][rooted][value][]=1
Filter by root/jailbreak
settings[filter][dimension][idProduct][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idProduct][value][]=1
Filter by product
settings[filter][dimension][idCurrency][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idCurrency][value][]=1
Filter by currency
settings[filter][dimension][idSubscriptionType][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idSubscriptionType][value][]=1
Filter by subscription type Available value:
1 — free
2 — trial
3 — paid
settings[filter][dimension][idRevenueType][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idRevenueType][value][]=1
Filter by revenue type Available value:
1 — in-app payment
2 — subscription
3 — ad monetization
4 — custom revenue
settings[filter][dimension][customEventName][value] String array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][customEventName][value][]=Event1
Filter by event name
settings[filter][dimension][idPlatform][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idPlatform][value][]=1
Filter by app platform Available value:
1 — Android
2 — iOS
3 — Windows
4 — Web
settings[filter][dimension][idSegment][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idSegment][value][]=1
Filter by segment
settings[filter][dimension][isVerified][value] Integer array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][isVerified][value][]=1
Filter by transaction verification Available value:
0 — unverified
1 — verified
255 — unknown
settings[filter][dimension][screenWidth][min] Digital value

For example: settings[filter][dimension][screenWidth][min]=500
Filter by minimum screen width
settings[filter][dimension][screenWidth][max] Digital value

For example: settings[filter][dimension][screenWidth][max]=1024
Filter by maximum screen width
settings[filter][dimension][screenHeight][min] Digital value

For example: settings[filter][dimension][screenHeight][min]=500
Filter by minimum screen height
settings[filter][dimension][screenHeight][max] Digital value

For example: settings[filter][dimension][screenHeight][max]=1024
Filter by maximum screen height
settings[filter][dimension][screenDiagonal][min] Digital value

For example: settings[filter][dimension][screenDiagonal][min]=4
Filter by minimum screen diagonal
settings[filter][dimension][screenDiagonal][max] Digital value

For example: settings[filter][dimension][screenDiagonal][max]=10
Filter by maximum screen diagonal
settings[filter][dimension][params][value] String array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][params][value][]=value1
Filter by event parameters If settings[filter][dimension][params][cmp][]=exist, then you should send empty string settings[filter][dimension][params][value][]=
settings[filter][dimension][params][name] String array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][params][name][]=name1
Filter by parameter name
settings[filter][dimension][params][cmp] String array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][params][cmp][]=<
Comparison operator for parameters of custom events and their values Available values:
settings[filter][dimension][params][join] On of the values:
and, or

For example: settings[filter][dimension][params][join]=and
The rule of combining several filters by parameters Learn more Applies only with 2 or more filters by parameters
settings[filter][dimension][params][target] One of the values:
events, params

For example: settings[filter][dimension][params][target]=events
Target of filtration Learn more
settings[filter][dimension][appVersion] Values array Filter by the app version
settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][operator][] Values array from the Comparison operators dictionary

For example: settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][operator][]=>
Comparison operator for filter by version
settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][major][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][major][]=1
Filter by the major app version
settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][minor][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][minor][]=1
Filter by the minor app version Applies only with settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][major]

If you do not need filter by the minor app version, then send empty value settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][minor][]=
settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][patch][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][patch][]=1
Filter by the patch app version Applies only with settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][major] and settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][minor]

If you do not need filter by the patch app version, then send empty value settings[filter][dimension][appVersion][patch][]=
settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion] Values array Filter by the SDK version
settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][operator][] Values array from the Comparison operators dictionary

For example: settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][operator][]=>
Comparison operator for filter by version
settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][major][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][major][]=1
Filter by the major SDK version
settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][minor][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][minor][]=1
Filter by the minor SDK version Applies only with settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][major]

If you do not need filter by the minor app version, then send empty value settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][minor][]=
settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][patch][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][patch][]=1
Filter by the patch SDK version Applies only with settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][major] and settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][minor]

If you do not need filter by the patch app version, then send empty value settings[filter][dimension][trackerSdkVersion][patch][]=
settings[filter][dimension][osVersion] Values array Filter by the operating system version
settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][operator][] Values array from the Comparison operators dictionary

For example: settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][operator][]=>
Comparison operator for filter by version
settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][major][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][major][]=1
Filter by the major OS version
settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][minor][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][minor][]=1
Filter by the minor OS version Applies only with settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][major]

If you do not need filter by the minor app version, then send empty value settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][minor][]=
settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][patch][] Numbers array

For example: settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][patch][]=1
Filter by the patch OS version Applies only with settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][major] and settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][minor]

If you do not need filter by the patch app version, then send empty value settings[filter][dimension][osVersion][patch][]=
settings[filter][dimension][%filterName%][invert] One of the values:
0 — off (by default)
1 — on

For example: settings[filter][dimension][idApp][invert]=1
Invert the %filterName% filter

0 — the report will be built by settings[filter][dimension][%filterName%][value]
1 — settings[filter][dimension][%filterName%][value] will be exclude from the report
For all filters by dimensions, except for [isVerified], [screenWidth], [screenHeight], [screenDiagonal], [appVersion], [rooted], [trackerSdkVersion], [osVersion]
settings[filter][value] Values array Filter by selector value
settings[filter][value][column] One value from the Report selectors dictionary

For example: settings[filter][value][column]=countInstall
Selector name which value is used as a filter Selector name must be among settings[selectors]

Only metrics are allowed (not dimensions)
settings[filter][value][operator] One value from the Comparison operators dictionary

For example: settings[filter][value][operator]=<
Comparison operator for filter condition
settings[filter][value][value] Arbitrary string

For example: settings[filter][value][value]=3442
Value for comparison
settings[filter][topN] Values array Top-N filter that limiting result
settings[filter][topN][column] One value from the Report selectors dictionary

For example: settings[filter][topN][column]=idApp
Selector name which values filtered by Top-N Selector name must be among settings[selectors]
settings[filter][topN][count] Positive integer

For example: settings[filter][topN][count]=10
Number of result entries after Top-N filtration Applies only if settings[filter][topN][column] is not an empty value
settings[groupBy] One value from the Report selectors dictionary

For example: settings[groupBy]=idApp
Parameter for data grouping Selector name must be among settings[selectors]

settings[selectors] must contain at least 2 selectors available for grouping
settings[transposition] 0, 1, 2

For example: settings[transposition]=0
Transposition of selection result Available values:
0 — off
1 — grouping column primarily
2 — metrics primarily
settings[idCurrency] One value from the Currency dictionary

For example: settings[idCurrency]=643
Currency for monetary figures 643 (Russian Ruble) by default
settings[tz] One value from the Timezones dictionary

settings[precision] Non negative integer

For example: settings[precision]=2
Decimal places
settings[retIndent] Positive integer

For example: settings[retIndent]=3600
Indent for Retention selectors, in seconds The number of seconds that is not considered in Retention metrics. Learn more.
settings[rrLimit] Positive integer

For example: settings[rrLimit]=2592000
Limit for Rolling Retention selectors, in seconds The number of seconds that limit the Rolling Retention calculation period. Learn more.
settings[comparison] Values array Comparison over different date ranges
settings[comparison][type] One value from the Report periods comparison dictionary

For example: settings[comparison][type]=1
Comparison type
settings[comparison][interval] Positive integer

For example: settings[comparison][interval]=10
Time interval of the comparison If using the 100001 — Previous period value, the settings[filter][date] period will be compared with the same previous interval

Applies only if settings[comparison][type] != 0
settings[selectors] * Some value from the Report selectors dictionary, separated by commas

For example: settings[selectors]=idApp,age,idGender
List of fields which values should be export
settings[title] String

For example: settings[title]=TestReport
Report title

* — required parameters

Example query

To prevent errors in the report, we recommend completing each query with the next set of selectors (values are given for example):


Filter by dates

Report for the period from 10-07-2020 to 17-10-2020 with the number of installations countInstall for applications idApp.


Filter by apps

Report for the period from 10-07-2020 to 17-10-2020 with the number of installations countInstall for applications idApp: 1234 и 431.


Group by apps

Report for the period from 10-07-2020 to 17-10-2020 with the number of installations countInstall for applications idApp and projects idProject.


Filter by params

Report for the period from 10-07-2020 to 17-10-2020 with the number of installations countInstall for applications idApp with filter by event parameters name1=val1 and name2>22 with [target]=events.


Filter by versions

Report with filter by the app versions: 1.2 and 3.4.5.




A 200 status code indicates success. It will include an identifier of a new request in the idReportFile field.

  "code": 200,
  "message": "Ok",
  "data": {
    "idReportFile": "2"


A 400 status code indicates an error in parameters given. For example:

  • Invalid file type
      "code": 400,
      "message": "Bad Request",
      "data": {
        "error": {
          "detail": "Argument 'fileType' must be in set of file types. Allowed values are: xlsx, csv."
  • Missing parameter
      "code": 400,
      "message": "Bad Request",
      "data": {
        "error": {
          "detail": "Argument 'settings' is expected but not set"
  • Invalid selector
      "code": 400,
      "message": "Bad Request",
      "data": {
        "error": {
          "detail": "Argument 'settings[selectors]' is invalid"


  • A 403 status code indicates that the method needs authorization. Maybe you made mistakes or forgot to send authorization data.
      "code": 403,
      "message": "Access denied",
      "data": null
  • A 400 status code is returned when you sent a new request and exceeded the limit of request in a queue:
      "code": 400,
      "message": "Bad Request",
      "data": {
        "error": {
          "detail": "Maximum number of simultaneous requests reached. Wait until there is space available in the queue.",
          "info": {
            "reportFiles": [
                "idReportFile": "2"
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