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Integration with Реклама ВКонтакте

Реклама ВКонтакте is a tool for advertising in the most popular Russian social network with tens of millions of active users per day.

MyTracker supports full integration: new users attribution, data import on impressions, clicks, costs, and campaign optimization for your web application.

To launch advertising for mobile apps, use VK Ads + myTarget.

New users tracking

To track stats on audience brought by Реклама ВКонтакте (ROI, LTV), user tracking links:

  1. In MyTracker, create an ad campaign, selecting Реклама ВКонтакте as the Partner.
  2. Add a tracking link to your web application.
  3. Enable postbacks to be sent to the partner’s system (see instruction below).
  4. Share the tracking link with your partner. You can copy it from the Tracking links tab and either send it to your manager in Реклама ВКонтакте or paste it into your ad by yourself.

Sending postbacks

To optimize advertising for the web application, enable postbacks for Реклама ВКонтакте:

  1. On the page of the Реклама ВКонтакте campaign, go to the Postbacks tab and click .
  2. In the opened window, specify VK App ID received when you connected the web application to Реклама ВКонтакте. You can also find the identifier in the Applications section of Реклама ВКонтакте.
  3. Select Sending mode for all events:
    • Send attributed — to send only postbacks related to users attracted by your partner's marketing campaign;
    • Send all — to send postbacks related to all web app users.
  4. Click Save.

All sent events will be displayed in the Application section of Реклама ВКонтакте.

Реклама ВКонтакте recommends Send all postbacks.

Import data

To get data on VK campaign costs, clicks, and impressions, connect Реклама ВКонтакте:

  1. Sign in to VK.
  2. In MyTracker, open the Integration with Реклама ВКонтакте page.
  3. Select a MyTracker account that has web apps you need.
  4. Click Link VK account. If MyTracker does not yet have access to Реклама ВКонтакте, you will be redirected to the page where you will need to grant access. After some time, your VK account with the sync status indicator will be displayed on the integration page. Account stats will appear within 24 hours.

Collected stats will be related to those MyTracker campaigns whose links are embedded into VK advertisements. If not, the campaign on MyTracker side will be automatically created under the name [Vk] id_vk_campaign ad - [Vk] id_vk_campaign / id_vk_ad.

Automatically created campaigns do not contain tracking links, so MyTracker will not be able to link the user’s appearance with a click on the VK advertisement, and all installs will be attributed to the organic. To prevent this, we recommend using tracking links from MyTracker


After the successful integration, MyTracker will collect daily data on your active VK campaigns: clicks, impressions, and campaign cost broken down into the campaign name, ad, etc.

To see the account stats:

  1. With Report builder in the Partners filter, select Реклама ВКонтакте.
  2. You can also add financial metrics (campaign cost, revenue) and dimensions by traffic:
    • Campaign and Tracking link;
    • SubID Campaign (ID campaign)and SubID Creative (ID advertising).
  3. Click Calculate.

You can also export Реклама ВКонтакте stats using API


If you see no stats on VKontakte campaigns in MyTracker:

  • Make sure the MyTracker SDK has been integrated into your web app.
  • Ensure that on the Integration with Реклама ВКонтакте page displays a successful link (highlighted in green) and the relevant accounts. The name you used to link VK may have no access to the account. Try signing in to VK using a different email and repeating the connecting steps (click Link in MyTracker once again).
  • Make sure that the VK campaign has been launched and has fetched clicks.
  • If the campaign has been launched less than an hour ago, please wait — Реклама ВКонтакте data might be submitted with a delay.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team in any convenient way.

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