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Display & Video 360 integration

Display & Video 360 is the Google marketing platform for purchasing media advertisements, as well as planning and managing multi-channel marketing campaigns.

With DV360 as with any other partner, it's essential to evaluate the efficiency of the paid traffic. With data on user acquisition, a partner can successfully manage ad campaigns, while you can rebalance the budget, suspend an ad, or avoid overpaying for new clicks.

Integration with MyTracker allows you to track the number of users attracted by DV360 campaigns.

How it works

Integration with DV360 is available only for mobile applications.

The Link ID app identifier links data between MyTracker and DV360. MyTracker uses this parameter to link tracked installs to the partner’s ad campaign. For each install, MyTracker sends a request to DV360 about the relevant click on the ad or its impression. If the request is confirmed, the tracking system will attribute the install to the ad and automatically create a corresponding ad campaign in the interface. You can collect install stats from DV360 and evaluate the platform’s campaigns. Besides, by using the Link ID you can collect data on the campaign costs and send postbacks.

The DV360 Link ID should not be confused with the Google Ads Link ID, these are two different app IDs.

Integration stages

In Display&Video 360:

  1. Create the Link ID:
    • In the Floodlight Group section, select Basic DetailsIntegrations and click the edit icon in the App attribution line.
    • Click Add app attribution partner link.
    • In the pop-up window, specify the app, select the partner, and click ADD. The Link ID will be assigned to the app.
    • Copy the generated Link ID.
  2. Learn more about the Display and Video 360 integration configuration in the partner's documentation.

Add the generated Link ID to your MyTracker account:

  1. Open the integration page with DV360.
  2. On the Event sending tab, select the app for which you generated the Link ID.
  3. Specify Link ID.
  4. Click Save.

Done! Proceed to launching a DV360 ad campaign (Display and Video 360 documentation for more details), and after a while you’ll be able to generate a report on the number of acquired users and see the list of campaigns, that resulted in app installs.


After the integration is successfully configured, MyTracker will start providing an analytical base for the DV360 campaigns assessment. This analytics includes the number of installs (by individual campaign, among others) and stats on the quality of acquired users (further activity, LTV, etc.).

To evaluate the efficiency of DV360 traffic, build reports in MyTracker:

  1. In the Report builder, select DV360 in the Partners filter.
  2. Add the Installs and Campaign cost metrics.
  3. Additionally, you can group the data by campaign: Select from listTraffic sourceCampaignCampaign; then use Settings do Results grouping by Campaign.
  4. MyTracker automatically creates campaigns that led to installs. Their naming pattern is Autoname DV360 Campaign ID. They’re uneditable, but may be used to report statistics

  5. Click Calculate.


If MyTracker does not display any installs in the report:

If you have any questions, please contact our support team in any convenient way.

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