Personalize Premium plan

MyTracker Personalize is a real-time personalization of the app experience:

  • individual in-app offers;
  • the best price for each user;
  • automatic audience segmentation;
  • automate performance reporting.

MyTracker Personalize provides a personalized experience for each user, which means increased NPS, Retention, and Revenue from the app. Personalize is a ready-to-use solution based on predictive models and MyTracker analytics tools that do not require you to tape machine learning experts or product analysts.

How it works

MyTracker Personalize is available for mobile games and apps.

As users interact with your app, Personalize analyzes their experience and generates customized product and pricing offers (recommendations) that are most likely to drive users and grow your app's revenue.

The creation of recommendations takes place in several stages:

  1. Gathering the data. The embedded SDK collects data on your app. The more information it has, the more effective the recommendations are. It is mandatory to keep track of such events as the beginning and end of an offer, product review, and purchase.
  2. A/B testing. Based on the data collected, MyTracker researches to find the best recommendations:
    • 2.1 App owner selects the items, prices, and user segment, for which they would like to use the recommendations.
    • 2.2 For the selected segment, the owner determines the share of the control group and the share of users who will see recommendations (test group).
    • 2.3 MyTracker Personalize breaks down the group under test into the smallest subsegments based on tracked user behavior and parameters.
    • 2.4 MyTracker builds multiple revenue forecasts for different product variants and prices for each subsegment, using Predictive models. And as a recommendation, it selects the offer with the best prediction.
  3. Recommendations may change cause it’s always incorporating new A/B testing results on new data

  4. Building recommendations. Before the user selects an item, the app sends a request for a recommendation. MyTracker Personalize automatically identifies the new user to one of the subsegments in the test group and provides a combination of items and prices at which a purchase is most probable based on characteristics and personal user experience.

Item and Set recommendations

MyTracker Personalize has two recommendations methods:

  • item  — recommendations for an offer, including a single item
  • set — recommendations for an offer, including a set of items to choose from

For example, the picture below shows the recommended item (a star) and set of items (in-game currency).

Each method has its list of required parameters and the format of API responses.

How to connect

To connect MyTracker Personalize, contact the MyTracker team conveniently or get a free trial on our website.

For more details, refer to the Connect MyTracker Personalize section

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