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Unity Ads integration

Unity Ads is a platform for app monetization and user acquisition campaigns.

Integration with Unity Ads allows you to evaluate data:

  • on the ads effectiveness — the number of impressions, clicks, and campaign costs, the traffic quality;
  • on ad monetization of your app — in-app impressions and ad revenue.

Install tracking

To track installs from Unity Ads, use a tracking link created by MyTracker:

  1. In MyTracker, create an ad campaign, selecting Unity Ads as the Partner.
  2. Add a tracking link to your app.
  3. Enable postbacks to be sent to the partner’s system. This will allow to optimize based on events advertising in your app.
  4. Share the tracking link with your partner. You can copy Click or Impression URL from the tracking link view page and either send it to your Unity Ads manager or paste it into your ad by yourself.

Now, launch a Unity Ads campaign and track new users in MyTracker reports.

Connecting account

To import data on results of ad monetization as well as user acquisition campaigns, connect your MyTracker account to the account in Unity Ads.

  1. In MyTracker, open Unity Ads integration page.
  2. Select a MyTracker account containing apps you need.
  3. Fill out the form:
    • Organization ID — you can copy the ID from the address bar https://cloud.unity.com/home/organizations/organizationID or from the Administration → Organization Settings section in Unity.
    • Key ID and Secret key. To obtain them you need a Service Account. You can create a new one or use an existing one. Click Add key to generate keys for your account.
  4. To collect data on advertising campaigns, assign the Advertise Stats API Viewer role to the Service Account in the Unity interface. To collect monetization data assign the Mediation Reporting API Viewer role to the Service Account.
  5. Service Account management is available to Administrators in the Unity organization settings

  6. Click Link Unity Ads Account.

After some time, your Unity Ads account with the sync status indicator will be displayed on the integration page. Stats will appear within 24 hours.

To stop importing data, delete the connected account by clicking


Clicks, impressions, campaign costs

After successful integration, MyTracker will collect data on your active Unity Ads campaigns: impressions, clicks, and campaign costs.

To see the Unity Ads advertising stats:

  1. In the Builder, select Unity Ads in the Partners filter.
  2. Add the Campaign dimension and select the Impressions, Clicks from Partner and Campaign cost selectors to see the results of advertising campaigns.
  3. Add extra SubID dimensions by traffic source using Select from listDimensionsTraffic source. For details, refer to the SubID parameters section.
  4. Click Calculate.

Ad revenue

After the successful integration, MyTracker will start receiving data on ad revenues and in-app impressions.

To evaluate the results of ad monetization:

  1. With Report builder in the Other filters → Traffic source → Ad Mediators filter, select Unity Ads.
  2. In the Other filters → Financial metric → Revenue type filter select Ad monetization.
  3. Add metrics In-app clicks and Revenue.
  4. Add more dimensions:
    • Geo & Demography → Country
    • Traffic source → Placement
    • Traffic source → Ad Unit
  5. Click Calculate.

MyTracker updates stats on connected accounts every day, but Unity Ads might delay data for several days. Thus, MyTracker’s and the partner’s stats may differ. For more details about data analytics, refer to the Ad revenue tracking section.


If you see no Unity Ads stats in MyTracker:

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