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Facebook Ads integration

Facebook Ads — is a tool to manage your ads on Facebook.

The integration allows you to track the number of engaged audience, determine the traffic quality, and find how to make the most effective advertising in the world's largest social network.

Facebook attribution

Facebook belongs to Self-Reporting Networks (SRN), which independently link new users with clicks and impressions on their own traffic and do not use third-party tracking systems.

Facebook does not provide raw data on clicks and impressions but only aggregated attribution data.

Starting October 29, 2021 advertisers can get device-level attribution data through Google's Install Referrer. This solution is available only for click-through conversions for Android apps with advertisers via the Google Play Store

MyTracker offers the following ways to track audience brought in by Facebook campaigns:

Install Referrer (Android)

To attribute Android installs, MyTracker supports Google Install Referrer.

When a user clicks an ad that directs to Google Play Store, Facebook encrypts the advertising data in the Google Install Referrer. After the user has installed the app, MyTracker can decrypt data using a key available in Facebook Developer Portal.

Facebook attribution based on Install Referrer is the most preferred attribution method because of its outstanding accuracy. Install Referrer data are used for attribution, even if there are other clicks closer to the time of installation.

For attribution using Install Referrer, pass the decryption key from Facebook to MyTracker:

  1. To get your decryption key:
    • Sign in to Facebook Developer Portal.
    • Navigate to My apps in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Select the app for which you need to get the decryption key.
    • SelectSettings → Basic on the left-hand menu.
    • Scroll down to the Android section. You will see your decryption key in the Install Referrer Decryption Key field.
  2. To add the decryption key in MyTracker:
    • Go to the Facebook integration page.
    • On the Events sending tab, select an app for which you need to add the decryption key.
    • Enter your key in the Decryption key for Google referrer field and click Save.

Now, if Google Install Referrer contains information from Facebook, MyTracker can decrypt this data and use it for attribution.

Tracking links (Web)

For web attribution, you can use MyTracker's Click and Impression URLs:

  1. Create an ad campaign in the MyTracker interface.
  2. Add tracking links to the campaign.
  3. Use tracking links in Facebook ads. You can copy this link from the tracking link view page and send it to your Facebook manager or paste it into your ad by yourself.

For details, refer to the Tracking section


If you see no Facebook stats in a MyTracker report:

  • Go to Facebook Ads and make sure that the Facebook campaign has been launched and has fetched clicks.
  • If the campaign has been launched less than an hour ago, try waiting — Facebook may come in with a delay.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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