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Apple Search Ads integration

Apple Search Ads is a popular advertising channel that helps people find your app at the top of the App Store search results.

This integration has been pre-configured in MyTracker. MyTracker receives data for each user attracted by Apple Search Ads. Together with install details (campaign name, keywords, etc.), MyTracker can provide stats on user payments and activity to help you measure the campaign effectiveness and maximize traffic.

Install tracking

To track installs from Apple Search Ads:

  1. Make sure that the MyTracker SDK (version 1.5.3 or higher) is integrated into your app. That's enough to get the data on Apple Search Ads installs.
  2. iAd.framework and AdSupport.framework required to attribute Apple Search Ads will be automatically added to your app along with the MyTracker SDK

  3. Check attribution settings on the project level. We recommend using the default settings to match the 30 day Apple Search Ads attribution window.

Now, launch an Apple Search Ads campaign and track installs in MyTracker reports.

Based on the installs attributed to Apple Search Ads, MyTracker will automatically create ad campaigns called [Apple Search Ads] {iad-campaign-id}.

Keep in mind that MyTracker attribution settings apply to the entire project, i. e. to all ad campaigns. MyTracker will link an install to Apple Search Ads only if an impression or click on a partner ad was the last one before the app installation. For more details, please see the Attribution section.

Import data

Using Apple Search Ads API, MyTracker can gather additional stats from the partner network: clicks, impressions, and campaign cost.

Beginning February 1, 2022, Apple Search Ads stops supporting API certificates (PEM and KEY files). If you connected your account using API certificates, you should reconnect it by February 1 as described below, or MyTracker will stop collecting data.

To start importing data, connect your partner account:

  1. In MyTracker open the the integration page.
  2. Select the MyTracker account related to the relevant apps. MyTracker will automatically generate a public key for connecting the selected account to the Apple Search Ads API.
  3. Copy API key and leave the window open.
  4. Open the Apple Search Ads account, where you run ad campaigns, and go to the Account Settings → API section.
  5. To manage the Apple Search Ads API, you should have the API Account Read Only or API Account Manager role.

  6. Paste copied API key to the Public key field and click Save. A group of credentials displays as a code block above the public key field.
  7. Go back to the MyTracker integration page and enter clientId, teamId, keyId.
  8. Enter your Apple Search Ads Account ID. You can find it in the top-right menu in the partner interface.
  9. Click Link Apple Search Ads account.

Within an hour after successful sync-up, MyTracker will start receiving the Apple Search Ads data on clicks, impressions, and campaign costs.


The integration enables you to view all MyTracker and Apple Search Ads stats in a single report, without the need to manually download and collate data.

To evaluate the campaign results, download the data via the API or use the Report builder:

  1. In the Partners filter select Apple Search Ads.
  2. Add dimensions by traffic source using Select from listTraffic source:
    • Campaign or Tracking link;
    • SubID Campaign (campaign id) or SubID Ad Set (ad set id).
    • SubId Creative (keywords).
  3. Add extra selectors to determine the quality of your traffic (e.g. impressions, campaign cost, average session duration, revenue, etc.).
  4. Click Calculate. The report will show you the Apple Search Ads stats and allow you to assess the effectiveness of campaigns, keywords, etc.
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